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18k solid Gold and Diamond Limited edition NBA Rolex Submariner date

Goldgenies’ 18k Solid Gold and Diamond NBA Limited Edition Rolex The Oyster Perpetual Submariner’s r...
RRP : £79,000.00

Solid Gold Flower watch

Diamond baguettes, Reverse Diamond Setting in the Dial, Curved Hands, 38 Gram Gold. The Petals Move ...
RRP : £60,000.00

Gold Tiger watch

The face of the watch is embossed with a Tiger design, 1ct Diamonds on the bezel.
RRP : £156,000.00

Gold 1947 coin watch

Centre piece is a 1947 Coin which has been 24k gold plated. The case is 18k solid gold.
RRP : £142,000.00

Gold Peacock feather watch

Housing a real Fallen Peacock Feather as the Dial of the Watch. Encrusted diamond at 6 o’clock posit...
RRP : £142,000.00

Luxury 18K Solid Gold Apple Watch 3 Diamond Ecstasy

The Apple Watch 3 in either 18K solid Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum watch face and bracelet and encrus...
RRP : £111,000.00

Solid Silver coin watch

Completely handmade, housing three Coins and 3 Sapphire Stones. All the engraving and texture have b...
RRP : £6,000.00

Bespoke Solid Gold watch

Bespoke design made as per client request. Name can be changed as per client / dial design can also ...
RRP : £42,000.00

Gold Sovereign disc watch

Unique textured bezel, moving disc mechanism, embossed back and the rear centre piece is a Gold Sove...
RRP : £18,000.00
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