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Women's Fragrances

Moroccan Black Musk Resin {Solid Perfume}

Authentic Moroccan Black Musk is a deep, exotic African raw fragrance! suitable for both men and wom...

Moroccan Amber Resin {Solid Perfume}

Moroccan Black Amber is an indigenous and unique raw natural fragrance for women. It is a warm and ...

Vanilla Rose Solid Perfume

Vanilla Rose Solid Perfume in a Cedarwood pot 15g

Amber Oud & Rose Solid Perfume {Unisex}

Solid Amber Oud Arabian Attar Perfume 15 g packaged in a beautiful re-usable Cedar wood pot.

ROSE Solid Perfume

Rose {feminine} A solid perfume by Natural Wisdom 100% natural perfume. No alcohol, nothing syntheti...

Patchouli Rose Solid Perfume

Patchouli Solid Perfume 15g in a hand crafted Cedar wood pot Unisex fragrance Herbaceous with a rose...
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