Ultimate Gainer

Ultimate Gainer has been built to satisfy the nutritional demands of the UK's Strongest Man Eddie 'The Beast' Hall. Providing an unprecedented supply of high quality calories from premium protein and carbohydrates.
Manufacturer : Protein Dynamix
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000

This supplement has been designed for those of you athletes that devote every bit of time to your love of sport or working out, and improving their physique and health with the nutritional requirements that your body needs. It was specifically designed for the UK’s Strongest Man and World Deadlift record holder, Eddie The Beast Hall. Packed full to the brim of nutrients, this mass advanced gainer supplement is designed to bring your diet and training to a higher level. It has been formulated with the most important and favourite ingredients of Eddie Hall, and contains a blend of protein, vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates to truly pack a punch when it comes to gaining muscle. With scientific research proving that protein aids in supporting maintenance and growth of muscle mass, this unique and leading formulation has a whopping forty-one grams per serving of protein. Add to this the brilliant amino acid profile, including the highly bioavailable Micronized Glutamine, Micronized BCAA’s and HMB and the blend of Niacin and Riboflavin, part of the Vitamin B complex, and you have the perfect supplement to help contribute energy and endurance to your strenuous training sessions. The Ultimate Gainer has been designed to specifically and specially incorporate a dense supply of carbohydrates and protein to help you to build your muscle mass for those big, powerful muscles. Q&A Will I put on weight? Yes, in the form of muscle mass. Can I take this supplement with other supplements? Yes you can, just be sure to read the label on all products about dosage. Please seek medical advice before taking any new supplements. Should I take this supplement at a particular time of day? There isn’t a specific time to take the Ultimate Gainer, so whenever is best for you. Should this supplement substitute my daily meals? No, this supplement should be taken alongside a well balanced, healthy diet. Can I take this supplement if I take medication? We would recommend you seek medical advice as a precaution before taking any supplement, to ensure you are eligible to take them.