Staxx Peanut & Caramel High Protein Low Sugar Bar

Staxx bar raises the standard with incredible macros and a taste that’s out of this world. A delicious and satisfying protein bar packed with 20g of high quality protein, just 3g of net carbs and only 2.6g of sugar.
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000
Net Unit Price : £1.20
Total Price : £1.20
RRP : £2.49
Profit Per Unit £ : £1.29
Profit Margin % : 51.81%


  • Packed with 20g of High Quality Protein Per Bar
  • Only 3g of Net Carbs Per Bar
  • Contains Just 2.6g Of Sugar Per Bar
  • With Real Milk Chocolate And Crunchy Peanut Pieces & Flavour