Staxx Caramel High Protein Low Sugar Bar

Staxx bar raises the standard with incredible macros and a taste that’s out of this world. A delicious and satisfying protein bar packed with 20g of high quality protein, just 3g of net carbs and only 2.2g of sugar.
Manufacturer : Protein Dynamix
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000
RRP : £2.49
Profit Per Unit £ : £1.29
Profit Margin % : 51.81%

Raising the Standard of Protein Bars The objective was clear – it had to taste great, eat great and boast a nutritional profile to challenge any existing bar on the market – a high protein, low carb bar, we give you STAXX BAR. Packed with a mighty 20g of the best, high quality protein on the market, Staxx Bar is designed to support the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. High in fibre and with such a low sugar content, Staxx is suitable for everyone, whether you’re looking to bulk up or get lean! Staxx protein bar is covered with tasty real milk chocolate, topped with protein crispies, and boasts a delicious layer of caramel, resulting in an unrivalled eating experience, without compromising the nutritional profile. Whether as an on the go snack, or a protein shake substitute, Staxx Bar is the perfect choice for you. Q&A CAN I EAT THESE BARS AND TAKE ADDITIONAL PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS? Yes you can, just be sure to read the recommended dose on each package so you don’t eat more than necessary. CAN I EAT THESE BARS AND TAKE OTHER SUPPLEMENTS? Yes you can. As mentioned above, we’d recommend you read the instructions on your supplement packaging to double check the amount you are taking is compatible with that of these bars. WILL THESE BARS MAKE ME PUT ON WEIGHT? Only in the form of muscle mass, when consumed in relation to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We always recommend seeking medical advice before trying a new supplement whether in tablet, liquid, powder or food form, to make sure you are okay to take them.