Silverback Mountain Strength Gin

Small batch distilled in the heart of Hampshire and crafted with the spirit of the gorilla, our award winning Silverback Gin is a truly beautiful creation. At 46% abv, and with a strong but gentle character Silverback is a real ‘mountain strength’ gin. Silverback has been ‘adopted’ by some prestigious venues throughout the UK and abroad and it is the premium gin of choice at Southampton FC which puts it firmly in the Premier League.
Manufacturer : Gorilla Spirits Co.
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000

Handcrafted and Refreshing – Enjoy Silverback Gin ‘Silverback’ is a London Dry Gin, crafted in small batches of just a few hundred bottles at a time, in a still named ‘Mugwaneza’ which translates as ‘she who is content’.

A Taste as Mighty as the Gorilla

Just like its namesake, Silverback Gin is powerful but gentle.  With zesty coriander and orange citrus notes at the fore, a touch of spice and the always present freshness of junipier this is a gin made to be savoured.  It is  clean and refreshing, born from a base of exclusively British wheat spirit and featuring seven botanicals: juniper, angelica, calamus root, sweet orange, coriander, acacia blossom and lemongrass.

How We Serve Silverback Gin

Poured neat over ice with a twist of orange peel, but Silverback also makes for a beautiful Gin & Tonic, served alongside Peter Spanton Number 9 Cardamom Tonic Water.  This was our target tonic water when we developed Silverback so no wonder we think it’s ‘the ultimate G&T’! If you can’t lay your hands on a No.9 (many of our retail partners sell it) then we suggest pairing with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic – with its gentle floral tones it’s another great partner which is bound to put a smile on your face.