OWL Nutrifield Soy Instant Soya Beancurd Collagen

A refreshing quick fix for Soya Beancurd pudding dessert in just one step which comes conveniently in sachets. It is loved for it’s silky soft and smooth texture that is special formulated with calcium, vitamin C & E, as well as added 1000mg Marine sourced Collagen.
Manufacturer : Owl
Min Order : 1
Max Order : 10000

Nutrifield Soy

OWL takes pride in crafting our wholesome range of OWL Nutrifield Soy products. Enjoy the blend of health and nutritional benefits in every serving of OWL Nutrifield Soy.

KV-Nutrifield Soy_NS Cereal KV-Nutrifield Soy_NS Beancurd Pudding