EXO2 is the leading developer of heated clothing in Europe. EXO2 and EXOGLO Heated Clothing Ranges use our unique FabRoc polymer heating technology and ThermoKnit Patented heating textile system. All our products use premium quality technical materials and the FabRoc heating panels have a lifetime guarantee included. These products make a huge difference to the outdoor experience during cold periods, offering controllable comfort and increased safety including hypothermia prevention. FabRoc emits FIR (Far Infrared) radiant heat which is effective for therapeutic applications including poor circulation, Raynauds Syndrome and for the accelerated healing of soft tissue injuries.

EXO2 Resellers & Distributors

EXO2 are seeking resellers in the UK and Internationally for a range of market and territory opportunities. Generally we are seeking Distributors but are also interested to hear from Retailers, Agents and On-Line Resellers. Markets served by EXO2 include Motorsports, Outdoor, Equestrian, Skiing, Hunting/Shooting and Fishing.

To apply to become a Reseller or Distributor for EXO2 heated clothing or to request further information please hit 'Send Interest'.

In response to your enquiry we can provide details of the heated clothing and accessory ranges along with pricing and information on the FabRoc sales advantage.