Leonar3Do - Interactive 3D Solution

Leonar3Do International is the owner of the amazing Leonar3Do technology platform, which is the world's first fully interactive 3D Virtual Reality product.

Now we are actively entering the market by investing in Sales and Marketing, and we are acitvely recruiting distributors and re-sellers in all the major geographies in the world.

At the same time, we are broadening the scope of application of the Leonar3Do technology platform by developing application solutions which enable business users to use the interactive 3D VR Leonar3Do platform technology in their working environment.

Leonar3Do is the easiest way to create and visualize virtual 3D objects in real space while sitting at your desktop. Leonar3Do is an integrated software and hardware platform that offers a unique, truly immersive VR exprience in the sense that you are able to see and interact with your virtual objects in real 3D space.

Our main products, which are available in Starter Packages with special discount for distributors

Leopoly NEXT online 1-month-subscription

Leopoly NEXT online 1-year-subscription
Leopoly Kit (upgradable)
  • Leonar3Do HW components
  • Leonar3Do System SW
  • 1 year Leopoly NEXT subscription + upgradable)
LeoWorld Kit (upgradable)
  • Leonar3Do HW components
  • Leonar3Do System SW
  • LeoWorld software - Professional 3D Sculpting and 3D Animation Solution
Leonar3Do Professional All-in-One 3D VR Kit*
  • Leopoly Kit
  • LeoWorld software - Professional 3D Sculpting and 3D Animation Solution
  • LeoConf software - for Presentations and Conferences - compatibility with any kind of 3D TV and 3D Projector
  • Leonar3Do SDK (Software Developer Kit)
  • LeoCapture software (record and share)
  • LeoBrush software (3D Paint)
  • LeoGomoku software (3D game)

Cutting-edge interactive 3D technology and Leonar3Do can also help classroom learning

Thursday 08 May 2014 News Leonar3Do - Interactive 3D Solution

What’s our common challenge in education?We all know how it goes nowadays at school and private life also. The so called “Y-Z generation”, today’s students use modern devices to communicate, entertain, study and so on. More and more content, solution and method is becoming digital and immersive, which results a highly increased stimulus threshold. This can clearly lead to attention deficit. The traditional education tools (like blackboard and books) do not pick students’ interest permanently. Wh...