The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Rising Phoenix Perfumery is both a perfume house AND a boutique supplier of hard-to-come-by ingredients, many of which are made from scratch by us. 100% Real-nothing synthetic.

The Rising Phoenix Perfumery offering includes five scents—intended as "living incense offerings on the skin"—that cover popular categories in contemporary perfumery. All fragrances in the collection are composed of 100% natural materials, diluted in a variety of natural skin-friendly oils such as fractionated coconut oil, moringa oil or Japanese Tsubaki oil.

Our scents run the aesthetic gamut of historical and modern formulations, and cross-cultural influences. From ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, and the Orient, the Renaissance, Medieval, and Victorian eras to modern French and English perfuming, as well as our own intriguing creative formulations--our creations are formulated to be 100% REAL--free from any synthetic ingredients, all blended by hand with an artist’s attention to detail.

We also offer a special service unique in today’s perfumery: Specialty custom blends formulated by our in-house, formally trained Chinese Medical Herbalist. These blends are prepared to treat you as an individual, specifically treating your specific needs.
Our products are made exclusively from REAL materials: essential oils (the distilled, aromatic compounds from herbs), tinctured herbs, the occasional natural isolate, and raw ingredients. 100% Real.

Rising Phoenix also has a fully digital laboratory for Custom Extraction and High Vacuum Fractional Distillation of Natural Isolates and Rare Fragrance Ingredients from Ethically Sourced Natural Materials of both plant and animal origins.

Specializing in many different Natural Musks (Civet, Castoreum, and Ambergris; Musk Mallow, Ambrette, Angelica, etc.) Extracts are prepared as Tinctures, Absolutes, Concretes, Resins and Resin Absolutes. We provide our community of Natural-minded people with hard-to-find ingredients that were once critical to the industry: Natural. Sensual. Unique.

We pride ourselves on the artistry of our products and our skill in their creation. All of our products are hand-blended here in our laboratory. Integrity and dedication is vitally important to us, and we do our best to provide the best possible product and slavishly good service to all our clients.

We pride ourselves on being Master Perfumer's and enjoy blending the mysteries of the natural world. Join us in exploring these exotic fragrances that transcend modern perfumery.

Send us an interest below and we will be in touch to provide you with all the information you require.