Impact Systems Technology Pty Ltd

Impact Systems Technology Pty Ltd is a broad based IT company. Established in 1990, we are one of the long standing and largest Intel based PC manufacturers in Australia with a wide product range in distribution.
Our range of products consist of;

Computers ( new and 2nd hand )
Notebooks ( new and 2nd hand )
Servers ( new and 2nd hand )
Storage products - new
Network and Software Security products
Components such as Motherboards, CPU. Memory, HDD, SSD,
Printers - wide range access.
Thin Client and Zero Client devices.
And if there is something unique that you want to source, please let me know and we can help you.

Impact Systems is Looking for New Resellers

Impact Systems have exclusive vendor relationships and unique product for resellers to engage and prosper via our distribution and marketing models.

Its business model forms in several parts which are as follows.


Our core competency is manufacturing Desktop PCs and Servers products. The business unit has allowed Impact to be recognised as one of the top 5 largest OEM/ ODM PC manufacturers in the country. With over 2,000 PCs build per month, we service all channel and corporate partners across Australia, New Zealand and to some respects, Pacific Islands.

Impact Systems is a direct partner with Intel as an IPP ( Intel Premier Provider ) to which we are only a handful of partners of this level in Australia. We are a direct Microsoft Systems Builder partner and with the likes of AMD.

The gravity of Impact System’s extended service capabilities are available on a national-wide level. Any and every aspect of after sales SLA Service solutions are available based on customer requirements.


Attached to our manufacturing business is Distribution. The value proposition to have distribution as part of our business model was ever so important to our OEM manufacturing business. As such we embarked on many direct vendor relationships both locally and abroad, which has enabled Impact to penetrate an even broader spectrum of the IT computer marketing industry. There are dozens of vendor relationships that we have partnerships such as Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, PineApp, Fuji Xerox, Powershield, Canon, HP, Brother, Microsoft, Intel – almost every known vendor has a direct relationship with Impact !


A new segment within Impact Systems where we have seen an increase in complete turnkey solutions from industry. Impact have embarked on additional services such as Managed Services & Support, Email Hosting and Remote Storage Back Up Services. These are all transparent services at an enterprise level and can confidently say, they are one of the most cost competitive offerings available to date. The ability to create passive income from our Whole-of-Services is just another area where dealers can enjoy unified billing and Subscription based business.


Coupled with our core products and distributed brands, Impact provides over 15,000 products within our price book. As such we offer a service of outsourcing product on behalf of our customers as they observe the many innovative and current technology within our portfolio.

Partnerships is what we strive for and with an increased zest for customer satisfaction and with our refreshing approach to our business sales model, then we're sure to continue in the computer marketing industry for another 18 years. Essentially the way we view our customers is simply as an extension to our own business. With this in mind, we are able to observe their needs and wants and measure ways on how they can succeed so you can cooperate with them in a strategic and cohesive manner. Using these methodologies is how we've been able to secure strong relationships with major companies within the mass retail sector and over 4,000 value added resellers nationally.

With accolades such as SGS ISO9001 accreditation and being awarded the 2004 runners up in NSW for the best in Customer Service for Small Business was a memorable focal point for Impact Systems to which is instrumental to our longevity.

I do hope the above gives you more than enough incite as to our business unit as a whole and how we could be viewed as an intricate and strategic partner to ones business.

Feel free to contact me should you wish to explore any business opportunity that may exist and once again, thank you kindly for considering Impact Systems Technology.

P.S. Feel free to Google Impact and you’ll find a host of press releases over time for your perusal.

We would like to reach out to the resellers and offer strong offering as follows.

Many thanks for extending your time with me today.

I'd like to officially introduce to you the Impact “ICAP” ( Impact Client Advantage Program ) which provides you with a new “out-of-the-box” business experience.

If you join the ICAP program you get the following.


Impact Systems will provide you with your own personal website with ;

  • Full E-Commerce capabilities Personalised Storefront
  • Free Hosting Admin Back-office
  • Full updates daily Quoting tool.
  • Drop Ship Ordering
  • Hero product uploads. Website SEO & Analytics
  • Complete with Images and Short/ Long descriptions. Newsletter Campaign Manager ( see example attached )
  • Marketing tools Shopping Portal Support
  • Backend management Take advantage of Impact’s buying capacity – to your website.
  • Able to apply your own products with complete flexibility Free electronic catalogues

With Impact Systems as your data and web aggregator, we will manage your website 100%, while you focus completely your sales and services.
We can even populate your front page with hero products without you knowing and send you an email notification of the web offerings.

This is an example of how your website will look like – Click on this link.

Loyalty Card

When you join the program you get your own EFTOS rewards card. For a certain amount of spend per month, we will top up your card with plenty of $$$

Flexible Terms

By joining the program Impact will offer you flexible terms in order to run your business more efficiently – saving you time and money.

Value-Add Service Agent

When you purchase any Impact Computer or Asus Server, you can become your own service agent and get paid for all the warranty work you do on the computes/ servers you sell

Getting started

To join the ICAP program, it means you need to be serious about this relationship and make a real effort to make it work. It is a team effort, it is viewed as a win-win disposition for us both.

Impact Systems Technology is rated as Australia's top 5 largest locally built PC manufacturers. Our longevity is based around not just a competitive nature, but more so to do with our strategic approach when it comes to marketing and product delivery. We understand the gravity of the channel and we also understand the means to differentiate ourselves with innovative tools and ideas to get us where we need to be. Work with Impact Systems and I can promise you,, we will certainly work damn hard to achieve success.

To kick start the process, we're not interested in removing your existing suppliers, but merely to operate in a cohesive and parallel manner. We simply only wish to compliment you're current suppliers until such time, the vote of confidence for Impact is there. The question now is, are you ready to move forward?

I have attached several docs for your attention. The most important will be to complete the credit application which will enable me to pursue the program further.

Become a Reseller

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or would like further information about this opportunity please hit 'Send Interest' to contact us directly.

Existing Resellers

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