NCC Group

NCC Group’s suite of software products helps organisations to ensure that server and database, application and desktop security is adequately maintained.

NCC Group are a trusted advisor offering a total information assurance solution for your business, NCC Group protects against risk. We provide freedom from doubt that business critical information, data, websites, applications and infrastructure are available, protected, and operating as they should be at all times.

Our world renowned software vulnerability scanners help protect some of the largest organisations in the world. Auditing and protecting relational database management systems (RDBMS) to allow companies to gain leverage from the information they hold is one of our key missions. This can be seen through the range of software solutions we have developed.

Product Suite Overview

Our product suite is a combination of standalone products, including the database SQuirreL range; Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase ASE, MySQL and Informix database environments. The support products of OraScan and DominoScan II can also provide the same level of Vulnerability Assessment (VA) scans for Oracle Application Server and IBM Domino and Lotus Notes environments.

The Typhon III product developed from Cerberus Internet Scanner is able to provide deep scans of generic application servers, web servers, LDAP/NFS servers as well as SNMP compliant networking devices and desktops. Typhon III can use OS credentials, Web Server credentials, LDAP/NFS credentials, SNMP credentials or no credentials at all to perform its VA scans.

The functionality of all products enabled the creation of our enterprise class, distributed Vulnerability Management (VM) solution, NGS Auditor. NGS Auditor contains a database repository, separate scheduling and reporting engines as well as distributed scanning engines. All VA needs can now be controlled from a single point in the enterprise, from regular scheduled VA scans across the entire enterprise, down to in-depth troubleshooting using the extremely powerful reporting engine. Automatic reports can be generated from scheduled scans and automatically sent to the relevant personnel, from executive management, through mid-level management, right down to technical personnel.

Key Features

• Standalone products provide deeper scans with more intuitive output reporting than any other similar tools available in the marketplace.
• All the VA products provide a wealth of information and references for all vulnerabilities they uncover as well as clear and simple instructions on how to fix them.
• Our suite of world class Vulnerability Assessment products are continually updated to mitigate the risks posed by security threats.
• Collaborative research approach ensures that updates are timely and relevant to the security market.
• NGS Auditor is an ideal security solution for large organisations and service providers as it combines the majority of the product suite offering.
• We are a world renowned trusted source of VA products.