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Urbie develop products to improve indoor air quality and overall well-being

The first ever Air Purifier and Dehumidifier combined together with a plant that naturally has purification properties. The plants' functions are multiplied, and the purification is maximised by the dehumidification that curb cultures of allergens like mold and dust mites.
There's magnificent potential for Urbie to be dispensed globally because of the niches it uniquely joined together. It is currently Live on Kickstarter platform and has been fully funded in the first 24 hours and so far it has sold more than $176,000 USD. It has also earned recognition by giant media outlets like Unilad, Tech Mash, Innovation Vibe, Trend Hunter, Gadget Flow and many more.

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Unlike existing air purifiers that solely focus on just treating poor air quality with complete disregard to humidity, Urbie Air purifies indoor air pollution from every angle: -1- Ecofriendly Biofiltration which filters Volatile Organic Compounds and Odors (tiny pollutants) -2- Removes Excess Humidity the lead cause of allergens like dust mites and mold to thrive -3- Produces maximum Fresh Oxygen by keeping your plant super healthy thanks to accurate auto self-watering and maximum aeration with the help of powerful fans.

 1- Humidity: Dust mites, mold and other pollutants which are the lead cause of many airborne allergies thrive best at humidity levels above 50-60%. In fact, indoor air pollution is 10 times worse when humidity levels are high as pollutants love to cling to moisture particles. Urbie Air has smart sensors that will activate the dehumidifier component when humidity levels exceed that range. Also, for people who like it more or less humid, they can simply manually change the settings via the phone app to their desired levels. Existing air purifiers simply pull air into their HEPA filters, but because pollutants tend to cling to moisture particles, HEPA filter becomes ineffective as the filter itself becomes damp and starts releasing bad odors which then need to be changed. Have you ever noticed how your car's air filter starts smelling weird after a while? That's because the air filter was filtering all the pollutants from the streets but humidity over time has built up mold on the air filter itself.

 2- Ecofriendly Biofiltration: Inspired by NASA study https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19930073077.pdf We developed a product around NASA's studies on plant's, aeration and air purification with Activated Carbon Filter. We took NASA's study even further and added the dehumidification component since humidity amplifies both pollution and heat. 100 Million HEPA filters ended up in landfills to date, and are very costly to both the environment as well as our pockets. Urbie Air uses both Activated Carbon Filter + Biofilteration thanks to Soil biota which comprises an enormous diversity of organisms living in the plant soil. Soil organisms play a huge role in breaking down pollutants like volatile organic compounds into safer compounds. Two powerful discreet fans pull polluted air through the soil and the activated carbon filter to yield cleaner air. 

3- Accurate Auto Self-watering Smart Plant: We've added accurate sensors that measure soil moisture levels and have calibrated the sensors to work optimally with 10 different plants. Once the plant is thirsty, the sensors will activate the sprinklers, yielding just the right amount of water that the plant needs. Not every plant likes to be watered in a similar fashion, plants have different characters, some prefer auto watering right when they're thirsty, some prefer watering when the soil gets very dry. We've written a blog on this https://www.urbie.io/post/trial-and-error-the-future-of-smart-plants-is-finally-here
 Our goal is to keep plants super happy and healthy with the use of maximum aeration and accurate watering so it can produce the maximum amount of oxygen at any given time. Think of Urbie Air as the AI for plants, it empowers this living thing and boosts its powers to the next level, for fresher cleaner air.

Trial and Error: The Future of Smart Plants is Finally Here

Sunday 11 August 2019 News Urbie Inc