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Our groundbreaking products have revolutionized hair care and men’s skin care around the world. Thanks to our international reputation, we’ve trained thousands of hair stylists and consultants to educate consumers of many ethnic groups in how to use safe, natural, therapeutic products that meet their unique needs.

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M&M Cosmetics are looking to appoint new authorised resellers for our hair and skin care products globally. If you are interested in working with us please send interest to contact us for further details.

Our Brands Include

  •     Sofn’Free GroHealthy
  •     Revlon Realistic
  •     Bump Patrol
  •     Color Rebel
  •     Grohealthy Shea & Coconut
  •     Sofn’Free n’Pretty
  •     Stylin’ Dredz
  •     Hot Lips
  •     Sofn’Free
  •     Clere
Our Products Include

  •     Co-wash
  •     Conditioner
  •     Detangler
  •     Hair Colour
  •     Semi Permanent Hair Colours and Soaps
  •     Hair Treatment
  •     Lip Gloss
  •     Shampoo
  •     Aftershave
  •     Locks and Braids
  •     Lip Balm
  •     Skin Care and Beauty   

Become a Reseller

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Natural is in vogue!

Thursday 24 January 2019 News M&M Cosmetics

The obsession with heating tools for hair is reducing with the realization of the damage it does to hair. Until the recent past, women believed that straightening their hair was the best way to look presentable in gatherings and professional settings. In the early 2000s, Lorraine Massey’s book, Curly Girl: More than just hair… it’s an attitude started a new trend for women with wavy and curly hair. Massey encouraged women to stop using damaging hair products and use conditioners a...

M&M Product Catalogue (6383kb)

Clere Natural Beauty (3093kb)

Color Rebel (1249kb)

Revlon Loose Leaf (5194kb)

Revlon Vivids (248kb)

Shea & Coconut (6961kb)

Bump Patrol (2368kb)

M&M Price List Jan 2019 (128kb)