Vapshot, Inc. was founded in February of 2014, as a response to the rapidly increasing worldwide trend of vaporized consumption of various product groups, such as e-cigarettes. The idea was to create a better and safer way of consuming alcohol, and fill the hole in the market with an alcohol vaporization product designed for high volume commercial use, that is safe, compelling and profitable.

Vapshot now offers two types of innovative alcohol serving products, the original Vapshot, and the Alcohol MIST, which doesn't vaporize the alcohol but rather turns it into a fine mist of micro-droplets, served in a balloon.

Become a Vapshot Authorized Reseller

Vapshot's reseller programs represent unique opportunities for talented individuals looking to be their own boss and be part of a lucrative and exciting new trend in nightlife entertainment. 

Tier 1: Referral (USA Only – Non Exclusive)

As a tier 1 affiliate, your job is to refer potential customers. Compensation will be 15% of selling price. You will be given a start-up packet explaining the systems and the benefits of having one of our system in your establishment. We will provide you with 500 Business cards with your name and information on it and 500 flyers. Cost to set up is $250. You can offer machines for sale and rent.

Tier 2: Dealer (USA Only – Non Exclusive)

As a tier 2 affiliate, you must purchase a Pro unit and Silver unit to take into the establishment to demo. This unit will be discounted 50%. For each machine sold, compensation will be 30% of selling price. All support and education will be provided. Your cost to start-up would be the cost of the machine that is purchased by you plus $250. We will provide you with 1000 business cards and flyers. You can offer machines for sale and rent.

Tier 3: Distributor – (USA and International per state or country)

Exclusive distribution rights are available for a city, state, or even an entire country. Requirements are on a case by case basis based on population and size of the territory. Please contact us directly for more information.