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At Professor Scrubbington’s we create award winning bath, body and hair care products made from natural ingredients, designed to help grubby children to wash themselves.

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Here at Professor P. Scrubbington's Emporium of Clean we specialise in creating personal care products specifically tailored to meet the needs of young people who want to take charge of their own ablutions (otherwise known as washing your bits).

Scrubbington’s was created by two friends with a passion for marketing (and their children).

Karen was washing her 5-year-old son with a baby bath product and thinking... why am I still using a bubble bath with a picture of a baby on the front when he’s not a baby anymore, and why I am washing him when he should be starting to wash himself?! And so Scrubbington’s was born.

Our company mission is to empower children – there are so many things that parents need to teach their children, the most basic of which is washing and personal hygiene, so we thought we would develop a range of products that help children to wash themselves.

That’s why they are foaming as it’s so much easier (and more fun) for kids to use and all of our range is 98% natural which we know is really important to parents who still need to care for a child’s delicate skin.

The response from parents to our emporium has been phenomenal and we are delighted with the feedback that they give us every day

Magically Foaming 

A burst of fabulous foam lingers longer on a young person’s palm, ensuring safer passage to the grimy parts prior to the plughole. Jolly clever people have also discovered that foam enables the same number of washes to be contained in a smaller pack and uses less water, so workaday washing is transformed into fantastic foaming fun time.

Easy Squeeze Bottle 

It was during my descent from the Eiger that I broke an arm, necessitating that my Alpen ablutions be thenceforth one-handed. And so I developed my easy-squeeze bottle, easier for a smaller hand to hold and squirt with a single sound appendage.

Natural With No Nasties

Ever since a well-informed young person dissuaded me from taking a dip in the Aral Sea, on account of its being a toxic soup of man-made molecules, I have eschewed unnatural additives in formulating my concoctions. All my products are minimum 98% natural, and free of parabens and sodium laureth sulphate.

Odour Neutralising 

An 8-year-old aspiring marathon runner from Tanzania confided in me that even at his tender age, he could start to whiff a bit after a ten-mile dash around the Serengeti. I was instantaneously inspired to invent a magical niff-neutraliser to enhance the deodorant power of my natural odour-neutralising body wash.

Moisturising With A Fresh Fragrance 

Rodeo riding in the heart of Texas, I first made the acquaintance of the wondrous and extremely spiky Aloe Vera plant, shortly after parting company with a bucking bronco. It’s gentle moisturising properties provided precisely the soothing balm my punctured posterior required and has since become a staple of my Emporium.

Odour Neutralising 

As part of our mission to empower children we are pleased to support The Honeypot Children's Charity which helps young carers to temporarily shake off their responsibilities for a weekend and enjoy normal childhood activities often for the first time.

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