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We are Scosche (pronounced Skosh) - we design and manufacture very cool, very innovative, lifestyle accessories. With a heritage in traditional 12V car audio we've been around longer thn most accessory companies - since 1985 - a rare tradition.

Our customers are anyone who drives a motor vehicle, anyone who uses a smart device, anyone who likes music, or anyone who likes the great outdoors and personal wellness, retailers will be delighted to note that this constitues almost all of their footfall.

B2B resellers will also note similar. Almost every very mobile computing/telephony roll out can enjoy margin enhancement and more importantly extra utility and customer satisfaction by selling the right complimentary accessories.

Become a Scosche Reseller

Scosche offers an incredibly wide range of travel, smart device, fitness, and in-car accessories, all designed to make life a little easier, cooler, and more fun.

The options range from car chargers, to cables, audio, and even (often judged) best in class optical heart rate monitors.

From a retail prespective this means investment in the brand can be leveridged moving forward across multiple categories giving great return on investment compared to other brands.

From a B2B perspective it means we can help with those tricky customer requests and are always happy to provide expert advice for customers and help you get the deal over the line.

We have retail programs built around T's and C's for the main chains but also we greatly value the expertise provided by local Independent retailers - in Telco, IT, CE, and other non-traditional channels. Because so many of our products are ubiquitous we have car dealers, DIY stores, Pharmacies selling our brand - because they all have footfall who want them.

Our Products Include:

Consumer Tech
Apparel / Merch, App-Powered Accessories, Bluetooth Products & Accessories, Cables & Adapters, Cases & Armbands, Chargers & Backup Batteries, EZTIP Reversible Micro USB Products, FM Transmitters, Headphones & Earbuds, Health & Fitness Accessories, Mounts for Mobile Devices, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8 Accessories, Speakers, USB-C Cables & Adapters

Car Audio
Amplifiers Installation Accessories, Antennas, Cables, Masts, Bluetooth Car Kits & Accessories, Car Audio Tools, Dash Kits, Dash Mount for iPad, EFX Sound System Hardware, Hardware & Accessories, Installation Product, Integrated Touchscreen Solutions, Mobile Accessories, Sound Dampening, Speakers, Subs & Enclosures

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