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LeadSmart is a Specialty CRM system built on the Force.com platform from Salesforce.com. The goal of LeadSmart is to help companies develop, nurture and manage sales leads thus helping eliminate what we call the Black Hole Lead problem. LeadSmart helps turn every lead into a good lead and turn good Leads 2 Revenue. We enable your business to acquire far more customers, more revenue and more profits from your lead generation investment. LeadSmart is not just another CRM tool but a Lead 2 Revenue machine which also provides category- leading CRM tools to manage the rest of your business.

We accomplish these goals first through our expertise and experienced team and secondly through our unique LeadSmart technology offerings and services.

LeadSmart was founded by industry veterans who all have dealt with and been severely impacted by bad leads and the Black Hole Lead dilemma.

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LeadSmart has developed a unique and robust suite of software technology and related services that enable a Lead 2 Revenue solution to be implemented quickly, cost effectively and, most importantly, with a user experience and interface that is very simple to learn, simple to use and is enthusiastically adopted by all participants in the business and sales channels. The LeadSmart solution consists of 3 interrelated and integrated offerings:

  • LeadSmart Connect™  – LeadSmart Connect is a Collaborative Lead Management system that was specifically designed and developed to address the Lead Chasm and Lead Barricade challenges for businesses that market and sell through 3rd party sales channels, dealers and distributors.   LeadSmart Connect is 100% cloud-based and was built using Salesforce Unified Platform Services ensuring the highest level of security and performance.  In addition, LeadSmart Connect incorporates a rich and visual user experience into the system which leads to super fast adoption and ease of use both on desktop and mobile devices.   Last but definitely not least, LeadSmart Connect can be utilized by all the 3rd party sales channels, distributors, dealers and other partners associated with your business for no additional cost.
  • LeadSmart Engage™ – LeadSmart Engage is an extremely robust, yet simple to use system for automating the lead nurture process and driving leads towards “sales readiness”.   LeadSmart Engage has a tight integration with LeadSmart Connect enabling all members of the sales and marketing process to track lead behavior and activity right through the LeadSmart Connect user interface.
The starting point of a LeadSmart implementation is always LeadSmart Connect followed by LeadSmart Engage.  Through the LeadSmart QuickStart Program most implementations of LeadSmart Connect can be completed in 30 days or less.

Resellers and end users benefit from LeadSmart as a full featured CRM tool as LeadSmart is built on the Force.com Platform from SalesForce.com allowing LeadSmart users the functionality of Salesforce to manage their vendors, customers, support, campaigns and any other CRM function needed in their business AND the LeadSmart Lead2Revenue system.  Reseller Partners benefit from unprecedented access to bringing the LeadSmart and Salesforce experience to their customers. 

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LeadSmart Lead2Revenue Specialized CRM Partner Program (3713kb)

Attached PDF outlines our Partner Program. At LeadSmart we are looking for referral partners who after introductions to new end user companies will engage with us to support closing the sale and continue to partner with us in being our customer liaison. At LeadSmart we do all the heavy lifting to b... more