Football America UK Ltd

We are the UK leading suppliers of rugby training and agility equipment. All our quality products are manufactured in the USA to excellent quality standards. If you are a sports product wholesaler, distributor, or retailer then we can supply the training equipment for rugby clubs, schools, colleges, universities. Our products are suitable for rugby training and agility.

We are looking for wholesalers, distributors, and resellers in both the UK and Europe who are looking to expand their sales in the sports industry.

Now the official UK distributors for both Riddell and Douglas, which gives us greater opportunities to expand our UK range.

Rugby training equipment can give an athlete an edge on the opponents on the day. Rugby training equipment offered by Football  America include items for strength training, power training and agility. Year round training with our rugby products is absolutely essential to success during the playing season.

We offer an excellent opportunity for good profit margins depending on the quantities bought and are keen to find good long term partners.

We can supply the following:

Power Harness Speed Resistor with Shoulder Straps,
Pop-up Tackle Maker,
Step over and blocking dummy,
Rogers Pro Style Pop Up Dummies
The Wilson Pro Kick,
Power Systems Dual Resistance Harness,
Power Systems Runchute

Yes, all items listed are in this country just waiting to be used in anger.
We offer the most competitive prices on all the best equipment.
We don’t hammer you with a postage price as all equipment is delivered free.
Don’t settle for second hand, match worn out of date football equipment.
Get hitting with all the best equipment on offer.

We take care of all the shipping and import taxes; therefore you pay the price we quote, including delivery to your door.

We have forged a strong partnership with Football America USA and are committed to give the UK & European Rugby teams the service and products they require.

Coaches and Team Buyers are more than welcome to discuss team pricing.

If you are looking for strength and power training equipment, agility and fitness accessories, to add value to your sporting business then please hit 'Send Interest'. We will answer all enquiries as soon as possible.


Riddell Power SPK RB/DB

Fully integrated RipKord technology that allows rapid access to the player if the player is injured

CP36L Shoulder Pads

These pads feature a low profile cantilever construction which provides hitting protection without s...

Douglas Zena 25 Ladies Shoudler Pads

The Zena 25 is the most versatile pad offered in our Zena line. Its low profile, light weight constr...

Douglas Zena Ms D Ladies Shoulder Pads

The Zena DZ is still the pad of choice for offensive and defensive line as well as tight-ends, defen...

Pro Gear Omega 10 QB/WR/Skill Shoulder Pads

The Omega Model 10 is an excellent QB/WR or Skill position pad.

Pro Gear Omega 15 All Purpose Shoulder Pads

The Omega Series model 15 is an excellent choice for the "All Purpose" athlete. Designed after our v...

Pro Gear Omega 60 Lineman Shoulder Pads

The Pro Gear Omega 60 is the ideal choice for play all along the line of scrimmage
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