We at Blueclinic think it’s important that men suffering from erectile dysfunction are able to treat their problem effectively. And we want to make sure they can find us, so that they can obtain safe therapy from a qualified independent online doctor. Blueclinic facilitates their contact with the doctor, after which the independent pharmacy dispenses the medication they’ve been prescribed and sends it to them discreetly. Our affiliate programme is one of the principal ways in which we publicise this service. Note that Blueclinic does not sell or supply any drugs itself.

Join The Blueclinic Affiliate Program

The main benefit for you of advertising Blueclinic is that you receive £5 commision per approved request for treatment. This applies to all requests and paid-for orders generated by your advertisement. Your commission is paid directly into your bank account on a monthly basis (minimum monthly payment £100). Registration is free.

To qualify for the Blueclinic affiliate programme, you must be aged 18 or over and abide by our Conditions of Participation. These include not sending out spam e-mails, not making false promises and not advertising our service on any website engaged in any form of illegal activity. You must always promote Blueclinic in an honest, fair, correct and lawful way. We do not tolerate any breach of our conditions. If we have reason to believe that you have done so, you will be excluded from the affiliate programme immediately and we will withhold payment of any commission you have already earned.

Naturally, we hope that you, like us, genuinely want to assist men suffering from erectile dysfunction in an ethical manner and in line with our rules. Together, let’s help as many men as possible. Good luck!

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Blueclinic Health Statement (269kb)