ON! Juniper Limited

ON! Juniper handcrafts award-winning and organic + natural bath bombs and lip balms for kids, designed to empower children through our shh...promise.

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ON! Juniper is an exciting new UK brand for children aged 5-15. Our award-winning products are made with organic + natural ingredients because we feel this is better and healthier for developing minds and bodies. 

ON! Juniper provides lip balm made for kids using only 100% organic + natural ingredients. Parents love the quality. Kids love the fun.

Try our award-winning Super Colour Bath Bombs, made with organic + natural ingredients. Giving your child a fun bath has never been so easy and so healthy.

Bath Bombs with Hidden Surprises handmade by ON! Juniper with organic + natural ingredients. No artificial colours and no synthetic fragrances. Customers tell us time and again that they are gentle on their children's skin and kids love the surprise at the end. 

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What's In a Name? (2981kb)

ON! Juniper may be a peculiar name for a company. I get a lot of misspellings, which to be fair, are probably grammatically correct! The truth is ON! Juniper was chosen, not only because I thought it was catchy, but because it really does represent the company’s values and essence – fun organic na... more

An Organic + Natural Lifestyle for Kids with ON! Juniper (504kb)

ON! Juniper's biweekly blog discusses various topics that help parents and kids live a more organic natural lifestyle. Topics also touch on ways to support children becoming more self-award, healthy and happy in the choices they make.

ON! Juniper's a Winner!! (1966kb)

A blog by ON! Juniper's owner and founder on winning a Best Buy Award from The Green Parent Magazine for their organic natural lip balm. This article was written in 2017. Since then ON! Juniper has rebranded and expanded to include products for boys. As a result you will notice some variations... more

How Organic + Natural is My Personal Care Product? (42kb)

An article looking labelling of organic natural products in the UK. Written by Tess Ackland, owner and founder of ON! Juniper, a fun and innovative lifestyle brand for kids offering lip balms and bath bombs made with organic natural ingredients.