ITfranchiseUK has evolved into one of the leading names in the web design and SEO space. Sell IT services like web design and market them like SEO. Fasten your seatbelt because we’re going to reveal how partnering with us as a franchisee can help you earn between £5-6k+ a month!

Franchise Opportunity has evolved into one of the leading names in the web design and SEO space. We aim to keep both sides of the spectrum smiling—clients and franchisees by providing competitive rates and affiliate commissions that raise eyebrows (in a good way of course).We offer a highly lucrative, easy to understand and implement business model, where we aim to partner with franchisees all over the UK and different tips of the globe, and reward them for their efforts with an astounding 40 percent in commissions.

The icing on the cake however is that as a reseller / franchisee, you have the potential to earn between£5-6k+ a month, and without an inch of technical expertise. Furthermore, your earnings as an affiliate will skyrocket with ongoing monthly processes such as SEO. The more clients you send our way, the bigger your affiliate / franchisee cheque, where we take care of what we do best i.e. designing premium websites for the clients earned through your very own franchisee website.

Given that web design and SEO lingo can be confusing, we even speak directly with your clients to gauge their needs, and provide end results that exceed expectations. Partnering with us as a franchisee won’t cost you an arm and leg, because we provide not one, but two plans to choose from—£495 for a Basic plan that gives you the keys to your own franchisee website and basic SEO optimization or you can get serious with our premium plan for is £995, which offers additional features such as premium SEO, and 1000 print leaflets to locally promote your newly founded franchisee business.

retail prices from £118 for web design / £430 for ecommerce / £180 for seo, you get 40% of every sale
plus a residual income for seo

If you’d like to have your cake and eat it to, which in this case is your own franchise website and profits from it,don’t think twice—get in touch with us today!

All you need is a phone line and an internet connection!

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