WARMEDS is a manufacturer of high quality revolutionary and highly effective sports supplements based on proven active ingredients delivered using an exclusive patented delivery technology. At WARMEDS, our goal is to deliver results, not hype. WARMEDS products are used and endorsed by top amateur and professional athletes, and sold by reputable sports supplements resellers and distributors.

WARMEDS - Creators of Revolutionary Sports Supplements offer numerous sports supplements such as BLOW UP and TESTONE.

Why are WARMEDS products superior?

Ingredients in dietary supplements can be of 2 nature : nutritional (or non medicinal) - like protein, carbohydrates, fats, pre-biotics, pro-biotics, vitamins and minerals, OR they can be active ingredients (or medicinal). Only the latter has a profound effect on human metabolism, and only it can drastically improve performance or fitness when combined with proper training, food and lifestyle.

The problem is that nearly ALL active ingredients found in nature are poorly absorbed with ingested. In fact, many of these compounds are less than 1% bioavailable orally administered - That means that often 99% of active ingredients athletes purchase in hope of improving their fitness goes down the drain! In other words, consumers are only buying dream.

As opposed to many other companies which consists of bros and money focused businessmen mixing trendy powders and selling hype, WARMEDS was created by Biochemists and Exercise Physiology Professionals with the single goal of creating revolutionary and truly effective supplements using novel and patented delivery technologies enhancing by several orders of magnitude the absorption of active ingredients. At WARMEDS, we simply do not launch any product that is not the World's Best in its category.

Why Sell WARMEDS Products

Our beautiful planet hosts billions of people wanting to better their health and sports performance, as well as tens of millions of organization dedicated to help them to achieve this. With his unique and revolutionary technology, WARMEDS is the best positioned company to efficiently support them all in their quest. At WARMEDS, we aim and believe to soon become the World's best selling sports supplements brand because our products deliver the promised results. By selling WARMEDS products, you will not only generate substantial revenues, but also help thousands or millions to improve their health and performance. The Retailer status allows you to receive an important discount on every order you place on the WARMEDS website.

Intended consumers

Generally speaking, WARMEDS products are designed for all athletes. More specifically:
  • BLOW UP: For healthy individuals over 18 years of age.
  • TESTONE: For healthy males over 18 years of age.

Products availability

In United States. Can also be sold to importers worldwide.

Become a WARMEDS Distributor

As an Authorized distributor, you will have access to:
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Marketing literature
  • Sales training and coaching
  • Sales support
  • Distributor requirements
To become an Authorized WARMEDS® Distributor, one must either: Currently supply multiple points of sales (store or website) where the WARMEDS® products can be displayed and sold. Provide a structured business plan demonstrating to WARMEDS® your ability and commitment to successfully market its products to multiple points of sales. If you do not believe you are qualified to become a WARMEDS® Distributor, you still may become a WARMEDS® Retailer or Affiliate.

Become a WARMEDS Retailer

As an Authorized RETAILER, you will have access to:
  1. Retailer Pricing
  2. Marketing literature
  3. Sales training and coaching
  4. Sales support
  5. Retailer requirements

To become an Authorized WARMEDS Retailer, one must either:
  1. Have as clients a point of sales (store or website) where the WARMEDS products can be displayed and sold.
  2. Provide a structured business plan demonstrating to WARMEDS your ability and commitment to successfully market its products to multiple points of sales.

If you supply multiple points of sales, you may even qualify as a WARMEDS RETAILER. If you believe not to be qualified to either become a WARMEDS RETAILER or Retailer, you still may become a WARMEDS Affiliate

WARMEDS Affiliate Program

This Affiliate Program is intended to allow you to advertise WARMEDS products on your website and to earn advertising fees from Qualified Purchases made by new customers you are referring to WARMEDS.

  • 5% Product Discount
  • 10% Commission on qualifying sales
  • 30 Day Cookie Tracking
  • Payouts for commission over $50

Become a Reseller

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