Charlie's Design Fashion House

Charlie’s Design is a creative designer of quality bespoke apparel for both men and women, that is redefining and restoring legitimacy and value. We offer unconditionally guaranteed products, which are 100% crafted in Thailand, with a sustainable social mission to create attire with skill, warmth and heart. Every Charlie’s Design outfit, suit, shirt and even a button-hole passes through the hands of our master tailors with decades of experience and offers promising quality and value for money. We consider design of clothing as an art. That is why the quality of our garment reflects attention to detail. All of our jackets are made with canvas interiors and all our garments are finished to perfection. We overlook no details.

Become a Charlie's Design Retailer or Distributor

Our Bespoke Tailor Made Business Attire Includes; Mens Suits, Tuxedos, Formal Dress Shirts, Causal Shirts, Pants / Trousers, Vests / Waistcoats, Coats, Jackets, Blazers, Ties, Womens Dresses and Skirts. We are specialized also on creating designs of famous brands and styles. To view some of our products please see our products tab.

1.)    Product details including unique selling points:

  •         Outstanding quality of finished tailored garments
  •         Prompt Service
  •         Prompt response to any query within latest 8-12 hrs.
  •         In-House designer both for women and men garments
  •         Large variety of fabrics in latest fashion  

2.)    Overview of the type of reseller opportunity:

  •         High income without financial investment
  •         Long-term opportunity - as fashion changes so does our fabric variety  
3.)    The type of resellers we are looking for:

  •         Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors
  •         Team Player with mind to offer solutions and ideas
  •         Fashion enthusiast with sales skills  
4.)    We are looking geographically for resellers in:

  •         USA
  •         Australia
  •         Canada
  •         Europe
  •         Asia
  •         Africa
  •         South and Central America 

5.)    The incentive for resellers to join our program:

  •         Pricing 2-Piece Suits: USD 125, USD 185, USD 250, USD 375, USD 425 - each Suit FREE Tie
  •         Pricing Shirting: USD 25, USD 30, USD 45
  •         Labels: 5000pcs./USD 310 
  •         1st Introduction can visit your country to get orders
  •         Offering corporate shipping rates which include import tax

Become a Reseller

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Existing Resellers

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