• Good quality, unique hand made products.
• If you buy 20 or more we offer wholesale prices.
• We can produce Bean Bags in a white label basis.
• We are flexible and opened to innovations and suggestions.

We are a young team of manufacturers who are producing soft seating - Bean Bags. It is unique, comfortable piece of furniture, becoming very popular in all lounge areas: hotels, homes, pubs, cafes, beaches and offices, schools or kindergartens etc. across the whole world.
Our philosophy is that life must be easy and comfy, the same way as Bean Bags are.
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SEDE BEAN BAGS are manufactured exclusively from quality materials. It has an outer and an inner bag, with zippers, which makes filling easier, but not at least allows for removal of outer covers, when needed for washing.

The products are double-stitched, and the outer sack has hidden double over-locked edges that protect against release of filling material.

A SEDE BEAN BAG can be filled with polystyrene (EPS) granulate of good quality, or other filling material for special needs. Due to storage space at the dealer and transportation costs for the same, the products are delivered as flat packing without filling.

Our range of bean bags comes in variety of trendy designs, colours, fabrics to match any needs. Bean Bag chair is cool and unique addition to everyone, looks and feels great.  Personalised Bean Bags could be a perfect gift!  We also could make chair pollows, outdoor cushions or pets bedding.

We can print logo or anything else, according to your wishes.
We offer a wide range of fabrics and colors to choose from.
We produce according to individual orders.

In relations with clients we are flexible and opened to innovations. We believe that by working together, we can discover, develop, and deliver the best value that will help us to set new standards in our production and improve the quality of life of your and our customers.

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You can choose from many fabrics and colours

ALDO Fabric Specifications (48kb)

AMIGO Fabric Specifications (50kb)

ANGORA Fabric Specifications (48kb)

ASTON Fabric Specifications (51kb)

AVELINO Fabric Specifications (48kb)

BOSTON Fabric Specifications (47kb)

HIT Fabric Specifications (47kb)

LIDO Fabric Specifications (51kb)

LIVORNO Fabric Specifications (51kb)

NOBU Fabric Specifications (51kb)

OUTDOOR Fabric Specifications (47kb)

PALERMO Fabric Specifications (51kb)

RIMINI Fabric Specifications (51kb)

ROSA Fabric Specifications (48kb)

TORO Fabric Specifications (48kb)

VELVET Fabric Specifications (48kb)


ABC Sede Creations Bean Bag

Bean bag: ABC Measurement: Width - 32 cm, Length - 32 cm, Height - 32 cm.

Apple Sede Creations Bean Bag

Bean bag: Apple Measurement: Width - 55 cm, Length - 55 cm, Height - 80 cm.

Armchair CLOUD

Width – 100 cm, Length – 100 cm, Height – 90 cm.

Banana Pouffe Bean Bag

Bean bag: Banana. Measurement: Width - 50 cm, Length - 120 cm, Height - 30 cm.

Barrel Sede Creations Bean Bags

Bean bag: Barrel Measurement: Width - 40 cm, Length - 40 cm, Height - 70 cm.

Bona Arm Chair Bean Bag

Bean bag: Bona armchair. Measurement: Width - 90 cm, Length - 90 cm, Height - 60 cm.

Bottle Sede Creations Bean Bags

Bean bag: Bottle Measurement: Width - 60 cm, Length - 60 cm, Height - 125 cm.

Bowling Ball Sede Creations Bean Bag

Bean bag: Bowling ball Measurement: Width - 85 cm, Length - 85 cm, Height - 80 cm.

Bow-Tie Sede Creations Bean Bag

Bean bag: Bow-tie Measurement: Width - 50 cm, Length - 105 cm, Height - 80 cm.

Bucket Sede Creations Bean Bag

Bean bag: Bucket Measurement: Width - 65 cm, Length - 65 cm, Height - 55 cm.
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