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We aspire to be a world class manufacturer of great food and beverages, only so we can put a smile on your face everyday. We see a SUPER product in every home & daily occasion, a perfect companion for you, when you savour life’s little joys. Super, your ingredient for a smile.

There’s a spirit of optimism in everything we do because we make it our mission to create tasty products and package them delightfully to bring a little joy into your everyday occasions. By listening to what you are looking for and actively sourcing for great ingredients, we strive to deliver that great taste experience you look forward to. After all, that’s what we look forward to at SUPER… Putting a smile on your face.

Become a Super Retailer or Distributor

We take the initiative to create a collaborative and open environment for co-workers. We love collaborating with customers and partners to create new products that delight. As a global leader in the food & beverage industry Super Group manufactures coffee, tea, instant noodles and cereal under the variety of brands. Our brands and products are distributed worldwide through a network of retailer and distribution partners. We are always interested in working with new distribution partners so if you are interested in stocking our distribution our products please Send Interest to contact us.

Super Group Brands

Super Coffee                                        Essenso Micro Ground Coffee

Charcoal Roasted White Coffee Owl  
Super Power                                      
NutreMill                                                Tea Range                                                 Super Cup Instant Noodle                 
Cafe Nova

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If you are interested in becoming a reseller or would like further information about this opportunity please hit 'Send Interest' to contact us directly.

Existing Resellers

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Super Coffee Product Brochure (2067kb)


Chrysanthemum with Honey Tea

Relax with a soothing cup of Super’s Chrysanthemum with Honey. This clear floral infusion with a hin...

Ginger Tea

Sip and appreciate a calming cup of Super’s Ginger tea. This traditional blend of old spicy ginger a...

Milk Tea

Made from premium ingredients, our Milk Tea is blended with sugar and non-dairy creamer to give you ...

OWL Teh Halia (Instant Ginger Milk Tea)

Inspired by traditional methods of hand pulling or ‘tarik’, this tea is characterized by its foamy h...

Red Date & Longan Tea

Enjoy a nourishing cup of Super’s Red Date & Longan Tea. This classic remedy of aromatic red date an...

Tea Susu

Made from premium ingredients, our Tea Susu is blended with sugar and non-dairy creamer to give you ...
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