Protein Dynamix

Protein Dynamix™ are the most exciting, fresh thinking sports nutrition brand to hit the sports nutrition market. Our sole aim is to provide ‘Best in Class’, industry leading sports supplements at an affordable, realistic price.

As one of the most exciting, revolutionary sports nutrition brands to hit the market, Protein Dynamix™ is changing the face of the sports supplements industry - and you can be a part of this change. We’re here to help more and more people achieve their fitness goals without compromising on cost or quality. We provide only the top industry-leading ‘Best in Class’ sports nutrition products, from fat loss supplements to high quality whey protein blends with only the finest combination of scientific ingredients - giving you the best product range on the market. Here at Protein Dynamix™ we understand that you take your health and fitness seriously, which is why we do too.

Protein Dynamix™ have created a one stop shop that helps to service the demand of any customer looking for 'Best in Class' products at effective prices. Our comprehensive range covers premium products including protein blends, pre-workouts and protein bars, whilst we also offer single ingredients in bulk quantities at value prices. The product quality and pricing means that resellers will be able to service customers with any buying pattern from budget to premium from a brand they can trust and believe in.

Protein Dynamix Retailers, Wholesalers & Distributors

Protein Dynamix are currently looking to increase our trade sales by working with selected retailers, wholesalers and distributors with our protein snacking range. Our Staxx bars have already been a great success and continue to grow at a rapid rate in the UK. These bars are next generation protein bars and look, feel and taste like no other bar in the market today. They genuinly can rival an normal chocolate bar for taste.

Our Yumm Cruncher  offer something the market has not seen also. Under 100 calories a bag, high protein, gluten free and vegetarian they are a unique offering which is a big boost for consumers and retailers alike.

If you currently sell products within the sports, fitness or health industries and would like to find out more information about stocking or distributing our revolutionary sports nutrition products then please Send Interest to contact us today!

Protein Dynamix Affiliate Program

Once set up on our affiliate programme we will pay you a set fee for every purchase made on the Protein Dynamix™ website from your traffic source. This can happen through a variety of channels including a website, blog or even social media. We help you drive sales by providing affiliates with exclusive offers which can also be tailored to work specifically for your captive customers, followers and audience. Anyone who has a website, blog or high social following can become an affiliate. If you influence, advise or inspire then we want you as an affiliate partner!

  • Best in Class’ products – Market leading products including the best tasting protein bar in the UK, the highest content protein blend in the UK and the ultimate pre-workout blend.
  • Outstanding commission rates – Introductory 10% commission rates for all new customer sales.
  • Bespoke offers and content – We work directly with affiliates to create bespoke offers, banners and imagery to help drive business.
  • Editorial content to drive your engagement – We have a panel of industry experts creating content regularly which can be used to drive traffic.
  • High conversion rates – Regular offers such as‘buy one get one free’, loyalty programme, ‘Best in Class’ products and highly competitive pricing all help to incentivise customers.
  • Extensive marketing budget–Aggressive marketing plans to help drive brand exposure across all major platforms including social, digital and print media.
  • Highly competitive price point – Our single ingredient products are priced against established bulk nutrition brands to ensure our prices are the best in Europe, including those on Whey Protein Concentrate. Our premium brand products are developed and priced to beat all other major brands in retail channels.
  • 30 day cookie period
  • Up to 10% commission rate
  • ‘Best in Class’ products
  • Bespoke affiliate promotions and offers
  • Highly responsive support team
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • Artwork and banners provided
  • Secure and trustworthy merchant

Become a Reseller

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or would like further information about this opportunity please hit 'Send Interest' to contact us directly.

Existing Resellers

If you are already a reseller for 'Connect' with us here on The Reseller Network to receive our latest updates, news and promotions.


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