We have worked diligently over the past several years to be able to offer a backup product to secure digital data. We aimed to make our technology understandable to the general user without compromising on security or control.

We are in a strategic partnership with award-winning Infra Scale from Silicon Valley. Together with Infra Scale, we have developed highly complex and ultra-reliable solutions for backup of sensitive data. We are therefore able to offer more than a simple backup for private use - we can offer highly secure backup solutions for companies and organizations (such as hospitals, courts, municipalities, etc.)

Trustbox is a leading provider of the most powerful Disaster Recovery as service (DRaaS) solution in Denmark.
Trustbox offers competitive reseller opportunities for our cloud-based backup. 
Get the software needed to run a backup business, triple layered encryption, server backup, ransomware scanner, unlimited user creation, control panel that enables client monitoring and control - all licenses and features are included in our flat-rate price, which is calculated based on your monthly TB commitment. 
Resell Trustbox, setup with ease and start earning money today!