Holos is luxurious plant-based aromatherapy skincare to give you healthy vibrant skin and a lot of feel good.

Products contain plant ingredients that naturally contain vitamins. minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that can easily penetrate the skin feeding it with good skin nutrition. Vitamins and minerals contribute to the tone and elasticity of the skin, antioxidants fight free radical damage that causes premature ageing and essential fatty acids plump the skin, smoothing out fine lines and locking water in altogether resulting in healthy younger looking skin.

It's the most natural way to prevent the signs of ageing. Prevention is better than cure!

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Plant-based facial and body skincare products

We lovingly produce skincare products combining plant-based ingredients with Aromatic essential oils to give you a cosmetic that is like a comfort blanket to the senses and velvet to skin. 

We believe in healthy holistic lifestyle

Holos creator Niamh Hogan believes in healthy holistic lifestyles, from the food you put in your mouth to exercise and even what you put on your skin. Everything you do in your life, no matter how minimal you think it is, has an effect on your happiness. We believe in happiness at Holos. Therefore we create products that bring happiness to the user in the shape of great skin and feel good. While producing our products, we create happiness by giving something back to our world. In Holos we want to make sure that the stuff we create adds to the loveliness of our lives.
Holos Skincare is:
  • Natural and holistic
  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Ethically produced
  • Mindful of the environment


Natural Ingredients
We won’t tell you that you need to use 6 products a night to be beautiful. In Holos we care as much about the woman who uses 2 products as we do about the one who uses 6. We know we can give every woman regardless of how many products she decides to use, a routine that will enrich her skin and give her some feel good. When we choose our ingredients, we choose carefully. We use plant-based ingredients because they absorb into the skin easily because of the minuscule molecular components of the ingredients so whether you use 2 or 6 products you are getting the pure goodness of the ingredients contained within.

We love Oil
At Holos, we love oil and we’re not afraid to use it, in fact we use lots of it, coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed, rosehip and argan! We toss away the idea that oil isn’t for everyone. It is! We know we need good fats in our diet and guess what! We need them in our skin too. Holos skincare is rich in plant oils that add natural essential fatty acids to the skin adding a subtle plumpness that helps to smooth out fine lines. More oil means more hydration because the water can’t escape through the oil. And what happens when we have more oil and more water in the skin? We look younger. We embrace oil, we love oil, we’re not afraid of oil!

Essential Oils
Our blends of essential oils are chosen not merely for the effects they have on the skin but also their effects on the well-being of the user. Remember those miniscule molecules! Essential oils can even penetrate the blood stream and so have a positive effect on the well-being giving you that feel good we talk about. That skin soothing Lavender and
Chamomile in our Good Night range, that encourages relaxation!
We want women to take back their power, to be sure in the knowledge that what they are putting on their skin is good for them and will have a positive effect on their lives. However small that may be, it is a piece of their life that contributes to their experience and can add a little piece of happiness to it.We encourage women to be different, to experiment with their skincare, to not follow the rules. If she wants to use that Exfoliant as a mask, do it. If she wants to put a body oil in her hair, do it. We want women to know themselves, to spend time with their skin, lovingly massaging Holos into their skin and basking in the aromas as the nurturing ingredients melt within.

We have seven lines of products within our range, all blended for specific needs. As well as taking care of your skin, the chosen oils promote both your physical and mental wellbeing. Lines can be used exclusively or can be mixed and matched.

Love Your Skin
This line of products, our largest in the range is made up of the luscious essential oils of Rose, Palmerosa, Frankincense and Benzoin. There is Body oil, Cleansing cream, Floral toner, Face cream, Anti-ageing facial oil and Hand cream. The range is suitable for all skin types but is highly recommended for mature or Combination/dry skin.


Good Night
This line consists of all you need for night time skin moisturising and is made up of calming essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile and Rose. The Body oil and Rich Night cream are massaged into the skin for night time skin balancing and for a relaxing wind down to the day.


Good Morning
This is our quick fix skincare line and is made with the energetic and lively essential oils of Grapefruit, Lemon and Geranium. Body oil, Face wash and Face cream can be used easily without any fuss to liven and energise the skin and overall well-being. This line is perfect for morning time use but is not restricted to this so can be used anytime. This line is suitable for anyone but is recommended especially for combination skins and those prone to oily patches. It is perfect for young skin.


This is a small line created with the emphasis on femininity, and is blended with essential oils of Neroli, Ylang ylang and Jasmine. Body oil and Light exfoliating skin polish is lovingly massaged into the skin and is a special treat for any woman helping to keep skin soft, as well as helping to smooth out the appearance of thread veins and stretch marks.


We couldn’t leave the men out, so created a wonderful woody, musky blend made up of Sandlewood, Patchouli and Benzoin. It is a no fuss line consisting of a Face wash and Face cream and is perfect for everyday use and especially good after shaving, as it helps to sooth any irritations of the skin.


Happy Baby
A calming blend of Lavender and Chamomile in Sweet almond oil made especially for baby. This Body oil can be used in baby’s bath or massaged into baby’s skin to aid relaxation and to keep baby’s skin soft and smooth.


Happy Momma
With all the confusion over what can be used and what can’t be used during pregnancy, we have created Body oil that is perfectly safe for Mums-to-be and nursing Mums. It is blended with Mandarin and Neroli, and carried in Sweet almond oil. The blend is energising and takes care of the needs of the skin during pregnancy.


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