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From business broadband and phone lines to enterprise-grade technology and professional services, we partner with you to design, build and deliver the optimal way for data (and voice) to flow in and out of your business.

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“A business is simply a way of making someone else’s life better. And if the customer is happy, we’ll both see bigger profits.” – Sir Richard Branson

We’re happy to admit it - we have a one track mind. Ensuring the UK business community has every opportunity to #VOOM.

Every one of our partners has access to Virgin Media Business’ products and services through our market leading connectivity, and dedicated business support.

And they rely on us as a provider committed to improving the way they work, and by extension how their customers work.

But we also have a different approach as to how partnerships should work. Yes, we’re a volume player. But we also take the time to get to know you, your business, your teams and your customers.

That is, after all, the Virgin way of doing business.

So we’re looking for partners who not only share that same passion, but who actively deliver against it.

Are you ready to #VOOM?

We value like-minded thinkers. Those who deliver exceptional service to their customers, who can solve problems creatively and who are always on the lookout for market-leading solutions.

We believe in more than just words. We take action.


We’re committed to the market, with programs and initiatives like #VOOM 2016 and Project Lightning. Our £3 billion programme will connect 4,000,000 more sites to the Virgin Media network over the next five years.


When a new partner joins our family, they’re backed by our high visibility, well-trusted brand that helps open doors.


Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Because if the customer wins, our partners win. And we win too.


It’s not just about knowing what to do. Or even how to do it. We have the infrastructure and products in place to get it done for you and your customers time and time again.

Products & Services

We have one platform, which represents everything we offer. At the core of our platform is our fibre-optic network, the result of billions of pounds worth of investment. It delivers market leading connectivity to thousands of public and private sector organisations across the country. It’s fast. It’s fibre-optic.

Wholesale markets Bringing you the power of our network

With such a powerful network at our disposal it’s no surprise that at Virgin Media Business we serve much more than the needs of our business customers. In fact, our network carries over 40% of the UK’s mobile traffic and over 35% of the country’s broadband traffic too, for a host of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and network operators. Why are we such a popular choice? Simple: our network is super-fast, vast, and very accessible. It features:
  • 162 voice telephony switches across the UK
  • 186,000km of local and metro network - the second largest access network in the UK
  • 330 Ethernet nodes across the UK
  • over 100 data points of presence on our CPC network
  • total compliance with the Metro Ethernet Forum’s service provider certification programme.
Our Wholesale Markets team has many years’ experience under its belt, providing solutions for a range of organisations. Every day we work with some of the most popular Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and, in the mobile arena, we’ve worked closely with the leading operators for over a decade, providing core networks and vital access services.

Delivering Your Results

We’re becoming the go-to provider for a growing number of wholesale customers - when they have a customer requirement to fulfil and need a supplier they can trust, Virgin Media Business is the company they call.

Mobile Backhaul Network

Imagine a mobile backhaul network with almost limitless capacity. You could say goodbye to data bottlenecks, traffic slowdowns, and the endless cycle of costly capacity upgrades.

Interconnect Services

As a major UK communications provider, we’re really well connected – both technically (physical interconnects) and in business (commercial agreements, pricing, legal issues & general negotiations). We work every day with other telecoms operators, both nationally and across the globe, ensuring that our customers get the very best network resilience.

Network & Data Services

Now, more than ever, everyone wants reliable, low cost data services. The national reach of our technically advanced network lets you take full advantage of this increased demand – all thanks to our massive capacity and pricing structure, based on usage, not distance.  Virgin Media Business offers carrier private circuits and leased lines over the UK’s only nationwide fibre optic network, as well as backhaul, co-location, managed bandwidths and wavelengths.

Voice Services

When it comes to our wholesale voice services you’re talking retail quality at wholesale prices, right across the UK. That’s because we employ the same technology over the same network that we use for our 3 million residential telephony customers

Become a Partner

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Existing Partners

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UltraFast Business Broadband Data Sheet (1637kb)


Ultrafast Business Broadband

Ultrafast Business Broadband with speeds of up to 100, 200 and 300 Mbps
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