Lady Tequila

The collection is very innovative, Made in Spain, with the best quality materials, and a highly qualified staff. We are well-known for our elegant, glamorous, modern and classy designs. We work with modern patterns and best Lycras. They are decorated with gauzes, laces, semi precious stones, pearls, sequins, etc...

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Lady Tequila is a special brand, born from the need and the willing of their creators to reflect their way of feeling and living the feminity, the glamour, the elegance and the tastir  focused in providing products made with delicacy, elegance, good taste and also fashionable. Those who make you feel different, special.

These collections of bikinis and swimwear are full of beauty, colours, design and delicacy; the have a great identity, as you can see in the pictures. They are all made in Spain, as Lady Tequila is a firm defender of  the "Made in Spain" label from the beginning, betting for the long and centenary tradition in textiles with the best quality, made in a small to medium scale.

We have included new products, like hawsers and ponchos, in the branch, also made in a crafty way. Our decorations are made of stones and semiprecious stones, golden thread, snake skin , lizard skin, guipur lace, passementerie, chiffon tissus, etc, as their own brand identity, getting products full of beauty and elegance.

Concerning the patterns, Lady Tequila would like to establish a direct relationship with their clients, where they can do suggestions or special requests, as the swimwear is very personal and has its own characteristics (it's so evident) to make our body look like nice. Also the upper parts can be bought with some changes, like to have it with a reinforcer or not. The lower parts can be made in different styles and sizes, to be able to be worn by different ages and styles of women.  

The children's collections are made of garments assorted with the ladies's collections, very colourful, original and different. Lady tequila offers the possibility of supplying exclusive garments for a shop or a particula client.

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BK 001 Snake Skin

Bikini in black lycra. The upper part is decorated with authentic water snake from Ubrique (Cádiz).

BK 002 White Guipur

Bikini in white lycra decorated with a black guipur strip in the upper part and two black guipur ele...

BK 004 Black Guipur

Bikini in black lycra. The upper part is decorated with a white guipur lace strip. The lower part ha...

BK 005 Black Fleur de Lis

Bikini in black lycra. The upper part is decorated with a strip of golden fleur de lis embroidery fr...

BK 007

Bikini in printed lycra black and withe with printed golden hawsers and blue stones.

BK 008 Hawser 3

Bikini in colour lycra with design of golden hawsers over black-white and turquoise back.

BK 009 Green Fleur de Lis

Bikini in green and yellow lycra with golden fleur-de-lis embroidery.

BK 010 Green Red Round Flower

Bikini in green and yellow lycra deorated with red snake skin flowers.
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