Legally registered and certified producer of hemp and CBD products based here in the south of sunny Spain.

GMP ISO for cosmetics manufacturing.

CO2 Extraction Processes.

Through our wholesale distribution network we can cater for retailers and wholesalers, large and small, white label, bulk, packaging....

Pretty much ignore any pricing info on this website, they are there to give an idea of range

Accepting qualifying clients for both on and offline throughout the EU.

Guaranteed 85% PROFIT after tax. for Retail/Wholesale

Forbes suggests a 700% increase in the use of cbd over the course of the next 2 years. 

During 20016 and until now 2019  we have launched several 'cbd' based products, from vegetable oils for oral consumption, topical creams, tea's and even a pet product.

Customer retention is high and ongoing.

English/Spanish ingredient packaging.

White label opportunities.

Sustainable, Compassionate, Non Profit, Knowledgeable, Professional

Why would you source your Hemp CBD products from anywhere else?