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If you are looking for the most professional industry-standard products available in the beauty, make-up and special effects industry, then look no further! We are dedicated to sourcing and selling only the highest quality products, including must-have brands such as Kryolan, Ben Nye, Maekup and Skin Illustrator, including many more. We also have cult classic skincare brand Mila d’Opiz and our own artisan brand of Make-Up Brushes, not to mention our PhD Safewax system and professional make-up by MaqPro Paris.  For resellers, the Mila d'Opiz, MaqPro Paris and Brushes by Sunaura collections are the most suitable, with great mark-ups available.

We supply to the following:

  •     UK and Irish Beauty Therapists/Make-up Artists,
  •     UK and Irish Colleges/Students of Beauty Therapy & Make-up Artistry,
  •     Freelance Make-Up Artists
  •     Films and Theatrical Groups
  •     Professional Entertainers and Enthusiastic Hobbyists
  •     Global Retail Customers.

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Caviar Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate

Caviar has been added to the formulation of Mila d'Opiz's popular Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate. It has a...
RRP : £8.74

Classics ATP Eye Lift Gel

The ATP Eye Lift Gel reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, while stimulating elastine ...
RRP : £15.12

Classics Cell Support Cream

The Classics Cell Support Cream has a softly melting, nourishing texture that leaves the skin feelin...
RRP : £26.88

Classics Cleansing Milk

The Classics Cleansing Milk (originally the Mila Natural Cleansing Milk), contains Aloe Vera, which ...
RRP : £13.78

Classics Climate Cream

The Classics Climate Cream contains the award-winning Snow Algae Powder, which protects and activate...
RRP : £29.90

Classics Climate Cream - Travel Size

The Classics Climate Cream's star ingredient is the Snow Algae Powder, winner of the European Cosmet...
RRP : £9.09

Classics Collagen Optima Cream

One of the most popular creams Mila d'Opiz does, the Classics Collagen Optima Cream is a rich, 24-ho...
RRP : £29.90

Classics Collagen Optima Lotion

The Classics Collagen Optima Lotion is the ideal lightweight cream with UV-A/UV-B protection. This i...
RRP : £28.22

Classics Fruit Acid Sensation Cream

The Classics Fruit Acid Sensation Cream is a light cream for all skin types, and is an excellent moi...
RRP : £25.54

Classics Recharching Eye Lift Patch

The Recharging Eye Lift Patch reduces the appearance of bags under the eys and lightens dark circles...
RRP : £9.74
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