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Natural luxury wellness and beauty products backed by science and proven efficiency with rare ingredients.

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We encourage women to be more aware of their long-term wellbeing and choose natural remedies because we believe beauty starts with wellness.  

Combining a moroccan herbal heritage, a french unique scientific savoir-faire and a touch of Parisian "je ne sais quoi", we created the 21st century remedies that make you feel good, make you feel beautiful and reinforce your natural defences over term.

Elaborated in France, the birthplace of Aromatherapy with exceptional ingredients sourced with cautious around the world,1001 Remedies are very special, more than beauty products our products are Remedies!  

1001 Remedies - Feel good!

Natural and organic ingredients

Our formulas only contains 100% natural or organic ingredients. They are without paraben, phtalate, animal substance, OGM, silicone nor any of these other worrying chemicals. Also, they are not tested on animals. We carefully select the most active and precious essential oils based on their healing virtues across the world. They are then naturally concentrated and active thanks to the latest techniques of cold extractions and steaming distillation.

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Aloe Vera skin conditions gel - Magic skin

Magic Skin is an Aloe Vera based skin conditions gel, 98.7% from natural origin. Based on the healin...
RRP : £32.00

Anti ageing & wrinkle japanese mushroom cream - Soin Millenaire

With a delicate and hydrating texture, this 97% natural anti ageing cream based on extracts of Maita...
RRP : £69.00

Argan moroccan oil hair & skin care repair - Treasure Oil

With its rich oil texture, this cold-pressed, 100% certified organic argan oil, will help nourish yo...
RRP : £39.00

Aromatherapy room spray purer air - PurAir

PurAir is an aromatherapy room spray for a purer air, 100% from natural origin based on essential oi...
RRP : £24.00

Sleep well - Good Night

Good Night is a rich, 99.8% from natural origin sleep balm, based on 8 essential oils including the ...
RRP : £29.00

Youth Duo

The most efficient eternal anti-ageing pack
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