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Getac Technology Corporation, founded in 1989, is one of the key subsidiaries of the MiTAC-Synnex Business Group. With 2015 revenue in excess of US$28 billion it is the third largest computing group in Taiwan.

Getac have been manufacturing Mobile Computers for 25 years and are one of the world’s leading ruggedised computing solution suppliers, with the industry’s most extensive range of PCs, notebooks, tablets and handhelds. The PCs are specifically designed to meet the mission-critical computing needs of mobile workers who face the most demanding environments, whether indoors or out. The primary benefits are dust, water, vibration and shock resistance, certified to international testing criteria, such as MIL-STD 810G & 461F and IP ratings (IP54, IP65, IP68). This allied to state of the art technologies and an unparalleled selection of wireless communications options, including 4G, and military grade GPS means these products assist field workers to perform anytime, anywhere.

Customers in Defense, Public Safety, Utilities, Telecommunications, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction have long recognised that Getac devices, along with Getac’s excellent, customised service are the ideal choice to satisfy their mobile computing needs.

Getac is a global designer and manufacturer of rugged laptops, tablets and handheld computers for specialist industries, from defence to public service through to field services and enterprise. We have a 25 year track record of world-first innovations, and the most advanced service and support centre in the UK.

Operating 100 per cent through the channel, we work with a range of partners who have specialist experience and knowledge within these sectors. Our channel culture aims to foster trust, loyalty and partnership.  

Partner support for competitive advantage
We believe in ‘direct touch, indirect supply’. This means we pride ourselves on supporting partners on every engagement, from generating leads, converting sales and customising devices, through to timely delivery of products and after sales care. This consultative approach gives partners a competitive advantage so they win consistently.   

Knowledge is power and we help partners stay up to date within their industry sectors by providing training, webinars, bespoke marketing materials and developing joint value messaging. This grows partner capabilities to sell Getac products and deliver high end, competitive solutions. 

We have created a robust ecosystem of third party software and hardware providers ensuring that channel partners can offer a comprehensive, customised solution to the market. Getac devices integrate seamlessly with encryption, security and hardware connections, as well as proprietary work applications necessary for specific industries.

If you are interested in finding out more about our rugged computing solutions and would like to enquire about becoming a Getac partner, please register your interest today.

Getac V110 Brochure (756kb)

Getac F110 Brochure (2462kb)

Getac T800 Brochure (856kb)

Getac RX10 Brochure (693kb)

Getac RX10H Brochure (618kb)

Getac S410 Brochure (1377kb)

Getac B300 Brochure (771kb)

Getac X500 Brochure (456kb)

Getac X500 Server Brochure (461kb)


Getac B300 13.3" Ruggedized Notebook

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Getac F110 11.6" Ruggedized Tablet

Boosted by Windows OS, the F110 is Getac’s thinnest and lightest fully rugged tablet. The F110 is tr...

Getac RX10 10.1" Fully Rugged Tablet

Designed with the latest Intel Core M Processors, the RX10 provides optimum mobile performance, exce...

Getac RX10H 10.1” Fully Rugged Tablet

The RX10H Windows Healthcare tablet is the ultimate computing took for medical professionals. Boasti...

Getac S410 14” Semi-Ruggedized Notebook

The S410 raises the bar for semi-ruggedized notebooks. More rugged, slimmer and lighter than ever be...

Getac T800 8.1" Ruggedized Tablet

Built for today's modern, mobile worker, the T800 features HD LumiBond® technology for a better, bri...

Getac V110 11.6" Rugged Convertible

A breakthrough in Getac design, the V110 rugged convertible PC is light but mighty - a revolution in...

Getac X500 Fully Rugged Mobile Server

Based on the X500 ultra rugged computer, the briefcase-size X500 Rugged Server is a commercial off-t...

X500 Ultra Rugged Computer

The X500 ultra rugged computer combines the flexibility of our best-selling B300 with the customiza...
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