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Stroma Software provides software solutions focused on the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) market. Our Formation Software product allows organisations from any industry to create digital forms for data collection on a mobile device. We are now looking for resellers with specialist knowledge of mobile-driven industries to generate revenue through sales of Formation Software.


Formation Software is applicable to any organisation within any industry. Your clients can replicate cumbersome, paper-driven processes in a digital form for efficient, mobile data collection. Stroma Software is interested in speaking to individuals and companies with specialist knowledge of UK business sectors about becoming a Formation Software Reseller.

Why will Formation work for your clients?

Formation Software can suit the demands of any UK business in any business sector. It requires no developer or coding expertise to set-up and the user-friendly nature of our mobile application is ideal for workers who require efficient data collection in the field. Your clients will have the peace of mind that their data is more accurate and secure than traditional paper-based data collection. Formation Software eliminates errors, replicates any organisational data collection process and promises secure storage. Formation flexes to any business and is available on both iOS, Android and desktop.

What are we looking for?

We are now looking for resellers to advocate the Stroma Software brand within new industries in order to generate revenue through sales of our Formation digital forms software product. There is no requirement for you to be an IT specialist. Rather, you should be passionate about and be an expert in a given business sector in order to maximise the potential returns from a deployment of Formation Software.

Sell Formation Software within your industry

There are a couple of options available to you when selling Formation Software within your industry:
  • Formation Introducer - make the initial introduction for Stroma Software to complete the sale with a potential client
  • Formation Reseller / Sales Agent - manage the sales process from start to finish

Become a Reseller

If you are interested in becoming a reseller or would like further information about this opportunity please hit 'Send Interest' to contact us directly.

Existing Resellers

If you are already a reseller for Formation Software 'Connect' with us here on The Reseller Network to receive our latest updates, news and promotions.

Important information - Formation v4.1 software release

Friday 02 December 2016 News Stroma Software

Our software development team will be releasing Formation Software (v4.1) on Monday 5 December. The release of version 4.1 introduces the new Formation DocGen module which improves Formation's ability to seamlessly integrate into your existing IT systems and business processes. Formation DocGen allows you to fully automate the generation of output documents in a PDF or Word format. Documents can now be automatically produced and exported, either: Directly to a SFTP or FTP serv...

Skip the paper and capture information instantly with electronic forms software

Friday 25 November 2016 News Stroma Software

Paper forms significantly impact the profitability of your organisation. They are costly to print, slow to fill out and once returned, can be incomplete and hard to read. The result: information is inaccurate and processes are delayed. Electronic forms eliminate paper problems associated with paper forms and expedite business processes, for your staff and customers. All your forms can be: Available through the Formation mobile application for completion by OnBase usersAutomatically val...

Formation Software Integration with DocuWare

Tuesday 22 November 2016 News Stroma Software

We have recently demo’d our New Mobile Data Capture Software, Formation to Xerox, Sharp, Brother, Docuware Partners (to name but a few) who have said it is head and shoulders above the competition. Formation allows you to capture data (text, photos, images videos, voice recordings, barcodes, and signatures) directly into a digital form that will have been specifically developed to service a particular need. It also produces a bespoke output e.g. PDF that contains all the information that ...

4th November is World Paper Free day

Wednesday 02 November 2016 News Stroma Software

World Paper Free Day is an annual campaign launched by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) that aims to reduce the amount of paper generated by people in their everyday work and personal life.AIIM are a non-profit organisation that sets standards, initiates market research and provides education and certification for information professionals. It launched World Paper Free Day to raise awareness of the huge amount of paper that is used unnecessarily with the aim of promoti...

Formation Version 4 release

Wednesday 26 October 2016 News Stroma Software

Version 4 UpdatesOn Monday 26 September 2016, Stroma Software released Formation version 4. The release of Formation Version 4 brings a multitude of new features to provide more functionality to streamline business processes. Android users will receive the latest version directly via the Play Store and iOS users will be able to download it from the Apple App Store.New User PermissionsAdditional User Permissions have been added to aid the management of what your users can do within Formation. By ...

Formation Flyer (1602kb)

Formation Software marketing flyer

Formation Software brochure (629kb)

Formation Software marketing brochure

Formation for the Construction industry (1063kb)

Formation Construction industry flyer

Formation for the Engineering industry (1410kb)

Formation Engineering industry flyer

Formation for the Facilities Management industry (1282kb)

Formation Facilities Management flyer

Formation for the Traffic Management industry (1211kb)

Formation Traffic Management flyer

Formation Software

Create mobile forms for any industry. Choose a mobile forms software designed for any business, with...
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