Pennine Manufacturing Ltd

Pennine Manufacturing Ltd are a UK manufacturer located in Bolton, Greater Manchester. We are specialised in producing a variety of building products by injection moulding.

We offer a wide range, including:
–attenuation and infiltration systems
–ground mats
–modular inspection chamber systems
–sub-paviour trays
–a modular ladder system

In our 20,000 square metre factory, we are working to ISO9001 Quality Standards and have more than 35 years of experience as a UK manufacturer. Currently, we are working on introducing a new line of roofing products, including verges, slates, tiles and battens, and a range of manhole lids – more information about this coming soon!

We also manufacture a range of horticultural products - hanging baskets, groundmats for under sheds, vertical wall gardens, balcony baskets, a feet-cleaning product called The Mudbuster - and an extensive range of pet products.

Our building products can be found at:
Our gardening products:
Our pet products:

We are a long-established company with an extensive range of customers but we are looking to take our products to a more global market and increase our customer base here in the UK also. 

We are looking for stockists, distributors, retailers and also affiliates to help promote our products. 

If this sounds like the opportunity you are looking for, then please get in touch:
-via email: 
-via telephone: (+44) 01204 361547