A leader in online appointment scheduling, we work with resellers and SMB solution providers to private label our software product for selling into a variety of industries including software companies, merchant processing companies, sales/support teams, churches, salons, home service companies, wellness clinics, counselors and more.

We offer standard reseller agreements, as well as private label platforms whereby our resellers are selling their own branded version of our software. No Bookafy branding... it looks and feels like your own brand top to bottom,

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Bookafy software is available as a white label solution to resellers with existing software brands in the SMB space. We power online scheduling brands such as,, and many more. If you are a brand that would like to add a software platform to your existing book of business, Bookafy can help. We manage all of the technology needs, service and customer support... and our resellers focus solely on marketing and sales. We have some relationships that handle support as well, but we are geared up to handle everything besides sales. 
We pay between 20-40% of total revenue depending on volume.