Curaloe ® (Curacao Ecocity Projects NV)

Curaçao Ecocity Projects NV is the manufacturer of the popular Curaloe® brand.

Our skin care products are made on our own Aloe Vera plantation located on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.
Our products contain NO WATER but are made with pure 1:1 aloe vera instead.
Our products contain no Parabens and are not tested on animals.

This pure product is combined with an elegant and international design and packaging.

Through our warehouse in Europe and the USA we can offer 48 hour delivery service to retailers who can purchase directly from us via our B2B online platform at wholesale prices.

We also have Distributor options and or Curaloe ambassador options.
The latter get a commission on all retailers they bring in via our B2B platform.

Curaloe®  offers over 20 SKU's which include a Facial, Body and a shower line.
We also have a Health line which is a pure aloe vera juice. (supplement)