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Transforming business through technology. Watermark Technology’s software 'Volume' is an innovative paperless solution to document management creating a paperless solutions that work efficiently and seamlessly with existing work processes. Volume offers a way to retain your existing filing practices in a paper free environment; software which is used across multiple industry sectors worldwide.

Customers significantly reduce their processing times, whilst improving speed and accuracy of their document management resulting in reduced operational costs.

The power of Volume combined with the versatility of the cloud, access your documents from any web-enabled laptop, PC or mobile device via a client or business portal using Volumeremote.

Business is complex, managing documents is not.

Why we are different   ·        
Volume was designed with the user in mind.
Volume removes the need to index every document, thereby increasing productivity.
Volume allows businesses to replicate paper processes in a paper free environment.

Benefits to you
- A unique DMS product.
- Full package of sales and marketing support available, plus bespoke marketing when required.
- Software demonstrations, installation, onsite training and ongoing client product support provided by us.    - Software upgrades free.
- Concurrent licenses.

You can have as little or as much involvement in the support and training of clients as desired.

5 Commandments of the latest Volume update

Wednesday 06 July 2016 News Watermark Technologies

The world of technology is constantly developing, but one thing we can be sure of is that the future is digital. According to search engine, Google, there are a phenomenal amount of searches related to document management every month. Last month found 14,500 unique searches for ‘document management software’ and 18,000 searches on the phrase ‘document management system’ highlighting the demand to go paperless and to embrace the digital office.Watermark Technologies recognises the need for a syst...

How secure really is your data?

Wednesday 25 May 2016 News Watermark Technologies

Data security is a priority to any business. Deciding who can access what information and when. Remembering to update passwords, monitor settings and permissions, delete previous users; the list goes on! With Volume we’ve done the work so you don’t have to. A company’s Volume administrator is responsible for overseeing the setup of Volume on new machines and/or creating new users. This individual has the authority and know-how to add restrictions to cabinets an...

Instant anywhere, anytime access to documents

Wednesday 18 May 2016 News Watermark Technologies

The world’s gone digital; investing in a system that provides secure, anytime, anywhere access to your documents is an increasing priority to businesses of any size. This improves staff efficiency and accelerates customer approvals through the use of electronic signatures.All employees who have 6 months’ service with a business can now put in a request for flexible working. This could mean moving from traditional office hours or days and choosing to work from home. There have been sign...

The Vulnerable State of Paper

Wednesday 13 April 2016 News Watermark Technologies

You wouldn’t park your car in the middle of a roundabout leaving it in a vulnerable position from other drivers so why leave important documents and data in the vulnerable state of paper?In recent years a number of large companies and organisations around the world have suffered the devastating effects of fire.In 1973, a fire tore through the National Personnel Records Centre in St Louis.Approximately 16-18 million official Military Personnel Files were destroyed. No duplicat...

A day in the life of a real paper office worker

Wednesday 06 April 2016 News Watermark Technologies

A day in the life of....9:00 rant: I arrived at work an hour early again today all because the new receptionist filed everything by 'client name' rather than 'organisation' last week.11:00 rant: Another embarrassing meeting! It wasn't until 5 minutes before the end of the meeting that I managed to find the scrap of paper with last month's stats on. It's not that I'm disorganised, I just feel as though I'm drowning in paper at the moment.15:00 rant: The company I work for have had ...

Reseller Welcomer (3588kb)

Our promise to you. The Reseller Welcomer contains additional information as to what support and services you can expect when you become an authorised Volume Reseller.