True North Books is a specialist local nostalgia book publishing company, based in Halifax, in the UK. We produce books across the UK, from Glasgow in Scotland to Portsmouth in the South of England. Our books are filled with unique black and white photographs and elaborate and well-researched text, reminding readers of long lost memories of their beloved town or city.

The aim of our nostalgia books is to bring back long lost memories and remind readers of the pace of life in previous generations. They also enable us, as readers, and our children, our parents, and our grandparents, to consider how things have or have not changed, in our local towns or cities. Look carefully and you might see the street you lived on, the park you played in, or the café where you drank your morning coffee and sat and watched the world go by.

This is an excellent opportunity for a reseller with an audience of men or women aged 50 plus, or an audience interested in nostalgia. We are looking for someone who can help us to sell/promote our nostalgia books through their website or through other online mediums, either to a national audience or a specific town targeted audience. We are happy to offer 15% per book sold and would like the opportunity to discuss this further with any resellers interested in selling our product. Please email us to discuss this further.