Keytracker is a leading global key and asset management provider, producing the widest range of solutions to provide operational efficiencies to organisations of all sizes, across every sector, worldwide.

Our products are designed to effectively manage, track, and control valuable keys and assets. Providing smooth and efficient control allows our customers to do what they do best without the interruption of lost or misplaced keys or assets.

Offering quick and easy access for authorised personnel, our systems have significantly reduced the amount of time spent managing keys and assets. Our products are widely used in a variety of sectors by manufacturers, property agents, retailers, educational establishments, the emergency services and many more.

Keytracker Reseller Opportunities


Keytracker Ltd are the UK’s most prominent provider of both mechanical and electronic, key and asset control systems for the work place.

We currently have a number of resellers, distributors, franchisees and agents that offer our products globally to customers around the world.

Keytracker are keen to offer our vast experience and expertise in managing keys and assets to qualified, ethical and professional individuals and companies.
We strive to create systems that are completely suited to the customer’s individual needs and work hard to develop new products in order to fill gaps in the market. We currently offer the widest range of products available, ensuring you can offer your customers everything they need in terms of key and asset security.
Take a look at the following options currently available to see how you or your company could become a part of Keytracker Ltd.


An agent is a trained individual or company that assists the local customer in making the right choice to precisely match their requirements and budget.

Orders are placed directly with Keytracker Ltd and the agent will receive a percentage of the sale.

Delivery, installation, payment and support are carried out directly between Keytracker and the customer, with agent assistance as required by both parties.
Similar to an agent, but with the reseller purchasing all items from Keytracker, then reselling to the customer.

The reseller receives discounts on all products related to volume and may "re-brand" subject to agreement.


These are resellers, but covering a large territory or area which may be geographical or industry related.

The distributor would then supply to resellers or agents within an agreed area. Product discounts relate to volumes and extent of support provided.


Like a Distributor, but with a larger area, such as a country, and taking on the Keytracker brand name.
A franchisee has direct access to all departments and personnel, following extensive training in all areas. The franchisee would supply to distributors, resellers, agents and customers.

The franchisee would also pay setup and annual license fees.

Consistent on-going training and support is regularly provided to all partners, ensuring every end-user receives the best possible solution at the best value for money with quality, local service worldwide.

If you would like to discuss these opportunities please email the General Manager, Andy Smith, directly.

Become a Reseller

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Existing Resellers

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Key Tracker Key Management Systems (5127kb)

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Keytracker Overview Brochure (9736kb)


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