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UNICA FEEDS YOUR GOOD BACTERIA - not just your skin - with PREBIOTICS using a UNIQUE HANDMADE PROCESS which ensures that all the active properties and nutrients of the ingredients are preserved in the final product.


No start-up costs, NO stock to buy, NO posting/packaging and NO storage space required!


No start-up costs, NO stock to buy, NO posting/packaging and NO storage space required!

If you are an online seller and wish to stock our products, you can now use our Risk-free Reseller Program. 
When a customer buys a Unica product from your website you simply purchase the same product from our Reseller Program.
You only pay our Wholesale Prices (plus postage) but you get to sell Unica products at retail prices (and freight rates) that you set.
Your profit is the difference between your website retail price and your cost of goods.
With our Product fulfilment service we will send out the item within 48 hours.
We take responsibility of all the packaging and shipping.
As simple as that.
Please note that our Reseller Program is currently available only to UK online sellers

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are an online seller offering combined postage to your customers we also have a similar Reseller program with Free Postage which could be more suited to your business. To know more about this program contact us.

Unica products are for everybody, and they are a delight to use because you just can not go wrong with the most simple and gentle natural ingredients, but they specifically aim to reach people with sensitive skin, skin problems, skin affected by excessive sun exposure and radiation therapy.

For this reason, we use only the best organic & 100% natural ingredients selected for their outstanding moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties like Rosehip oil, Nilotica Shea Butter, Kokum Butter and Tamanu oil , the “Green Gold” in skin healing and cell rejuvenation.


The ingredients are combined together using a unique handmade process which ensures that all their active properties and nutrients are preserved, and naturally enhanced in the final product.

UNICA feeds your good bacteria - not just your skin -  by using Prebiotics which encourage the growth of Probiotics, the good bacteria, referred to as "the revolution in skincare",  which make the skin less hospitable for harmful bacteria that cause skin disorders, acne and eczema.


Our aim is to take you as near to nature as you can get.
UNICA Naturissima range literally goes back to basics, with 100% natural & 100% active ingredients, contained in violet glass which not only offers superior protection against light degradation, but also has energizing effects on organic molecular life.
No Water, No Preservatives, No emulsifiers in Naturissima organic. Only blends of the most gentle, cold pressed oils and nothing else.
By going back to basics, Naturissima goes a step further to deliver the truly pure and uncompromised power of Nature.

Let your skin judge.                                    

All Unica products are suitable for Vegans.

With Unica you will find organic and 100% natural skin care and beauty products: face creams, anti-aging moisturizers, scrubs and masks, products for the care of problem and blemished skin, prebiotic product range, cleansers, hand and body creams, lotions, baby creams and balms, lotion sticks, Tamanu oil creams and oil blends, oil blends, sun products and hair products. And much more coming soon

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