Essentially Natural

Purity at an affordable price!

We are initially looking for 'green' buyers, community shops, ethical and organic outlets requiring pure, organic products.

Our award-winning cold process organic soaps, skincare and soy candles are produced in rural Lancashire by hand using only the purest ingredients for the ultimate pampering treat to improve well-being.

Become an Essentially Natural Authorised Reseller

All our products are hand made in rural Lancashire in the UK and we buy from sustainable sources, wherever possible. We're here to help you if you're looking to sell:

  • Natural organic products for your health and well-being;
  • Organic, handmade gifts that smell divine or a pampering treats for your customers;
  • If your customers are worried by the harmful chemicals found in mass-produced health and beauty products;
  • If your customers need organic soap or skincare to treat sensitive skin or an allergy such as eczema;
  • If your customers are looking for an organic shampoo to treat a hair or scalp condition like psoriasis;
  • If you're looking for the best organic soy aromatherapy candles available that are also suitable for people with asthma or allergies;
  • If you're looking for a flexible price plan.
We love using traditional handcrafting methods to produce luxury products of superior quality in the tradition of a local cottage industry that will benefit our community.

Organic Natural Handmade Soaps

Are you looking for something Handmade and natural? All the soaps in this section are completely organic and are made with natural spring water from the North West of England to give you the purest soap you can buy.

All our products avoid the use of alcohol or other nasties, so are kind to sensitive skin, and contain no ingredients tested on animals.  

(Supplied in eco-friendly Natural cotton drawstring bag).

Organic Natural Handmade Skincare

We can provide products the benefit the body, face, hands or feet.

We avoid the use of alcohol parabens or other nasties. so our products are kind to sensitive skin, and they contain no ingredients tested on animals.

We make our Organic Skincare products in small batches fresh to order to give them the best shelf life possible without using preservatives.

Many of our Organic Skincare products are Vegan Society approved.

Organic Natural Handmade Soy Candles

Designed for use at home or away, our soy aromatherapy candles will make a classy pampering treat for your customers.

All Our aromatherapy candles are made by hand from non-GM soy wax (from sustainable sources). We use only certified organically-grown essential oils and an environmentally-friendly wick (made from natural cotton) to ensure the healthiest and purest you can buy.

All our candles are Vegan Society Approved.

Organic Natural Handmade Products for In The Home

We can provide salt lamps, oil burners to use with our Soy Heart Melts, or catalytic fragrance lamps.

This is also the place to look for our Natural Reed Diffusers..

 Many of our Home Fragrance products are Vegan Society approved.

We can provide organic carrier oils, organic essential oils or custom blends at favourable prices on request.
If you are interested in stocking any of our products please hit 'Send Interest'

Trade Pice List Now Available

Wednesday 09 March 2016 News Essentially Natural

We are pleased to let you know that despite severe floods to our workshop recently we are now getting back up and running and have just released our trade price list for 2016! Please feel free to contact us if you require more information.

Organic, Handmade Products from Essentially Natural

Tuesday 27 October 2015 News Essentially Natural

We now have a new trade price list ready for any sellers that at interested in selling our high quality, naural products! Just send us a message and we'll get back to you with our full list of items available for trade!

Our Organic Body Scrubs are back on sale!

Friday 31 July 2015 News Essentially Natural

It's been a while, but our lovely Organic Body Scrubs are back.Great to use as a body scrub in the shower or bath. Made from French Sea Salt, Organic Oatmeal, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Manuka Honey and a choice of Organic Essential Oils, they come in a tamper-proof container with enough for at least 8 uses.They are available in three scents,  Chamomile & Lavender, Lavender or  Lime & Lavender. A luxurious indulgence that w...

Essentially Natural Trade Price List (229kb)


100% Organic Beard & Hair oil with Argan Oil (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Skincare Guru: "I was amazed by the effect Argan oil had on our son Josef...
RRP : £14.95

100% Organic Calming Bath & Massage Oil (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Skincare Guru: This is the most relaxing way to melt away stress at the e...
RRP : £7.50

100% Organic Castor Oil Nail Strengthener (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Skincare Guru: "I got so fed up of the smell of nail varnish that I decid...
RRP : £5.95

100% Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil (v)

Thoughts from Dennis our, Lifestyle Guru: "The best way to keep your sinuses clear in winter, as I ...
RRP : £4.50

100% Organic French Lavender Essential Oil (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Lifestyle Guru: If you only had to choose one essential oil, this would b...
RRP : £5.50

100% Organic Fresh Man Deodorant (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Skincare Guru: "I just got fed up of commercial deodorants that seemed to...
RRP : £5.95

100% Organic Lemon & Coriander Deodorant (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Skincare Guru: "Both my wife and I were concerned about the nasties in in...
RRP : £5.50

100% Organic Lemon Cuticle Conditioner (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Skincare Guru:"I needed something for myself and this just works a treat."...
RRP : £4.50

100% Organic Lemon Essential Oil (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Lifestyle Guru: "Put a couple of drops in a cup of water and pop in the m...
RRP : £4.50

100% Organic Lime & Lavender Shaving Soap (v)

Thoughts from Dennis, our Soap Guru: "I just hate the feel of shaving foams, and daren't even think...
RRP : £4.95
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