No-Match Electronic Cigarettes

Since 2011 No-Match have been bringing E-Cigarette products and E-Liquids to the retail market that are at the forefront of quality and safety.
Professionalism is our byword for everything we do. from the testing of new products to the retails experience our customers enjoy when they visit one of our stores.
Since opening our first store in Preston Lancashire we have now grown to over 40 stores nationwide.
We are dedicated to the cause of ensuring that all E-Cigarette products are manufactured and sold to stringent standards across the industry, and as such, we are proud to be an active member of ECITA - The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association.
With the introduction of new regulations on the horizon and to keep up with this fast evolving industry, we are taking steps to be at the forefront of the E-Cigarette trade. Within the next few weeks we will be introducing a completely new range of hardware and UK made VG E-liquids. We are also transferring all of our existing E-Liquid production to the UK, giving end to end traceability and testing which will ensure our liquids are of the highest possible quality.
Now is a very advantageous time to become a reseller with No-Match as we are set for some exciting times ahead.

When deciding on which approach to employ to best get our product to the
consumer we considered many options...
•To have all stores owned and run directly by the company. •To operate a franchise system.•To allow private companies and individuals to run their own stores under a
reseller agreement.
Whilst all have their own merits setting up the stores ourselves restricted the
speed at which we could grow the network, and franchises place unrealistic burdens on both parties with high set up costs and on-going fee's for franchisee's.
It was therefore decided to go with the reseller option.This allows for the maximum freedom and control for reseller’s whilst still having the back up and support of the brand, without the fee's associated
with a franchise
Setting up a business is a daunting experience. (We know, having been
there ourselves). At times it feels like everytime you blink it costs you money, and this is before you have even opened your doors to serve your first customer !
It is for this reason, and the fact that it is in both of our interests that you succeed that we made the decision that the stock provided in your reseller pack is to the value of 100% for your initial investment.

Our current re-seller pack (1893kb)

This is downloadable PDF for all perspective re-sellers to download for free , which will enable you to get a small insight into what No-Match have to offer you.