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We provide accurate and detailed conveyancing searches to both industry professionals and the general public with efficiency and at competitive rates.

Pali (Property and Land Information) Franchise Opportunities

About Us

Pali offer conveyancing searches to solicitors through our 'one stop shop' online facility,
A lot of people think Pali offer conveyancing when in fact we are a specialist conveyancing search company. Pali mainly deal with conveyancing solicitors and related businesses. 

Part of the conveyancing process requires solicitors to obtain property searches such as Local Authority Searches, Drainage and Water Searches, Environmental Searches, etc. Solicitors can either obtain these searches direct from the Local Authorities/Water Companies, etc or they can use a private company, like Pali who are able to compile and purchase the requested searches via our website and return them without the hassle or ordering from separate companies. 

Each Local Authority has a different system has a different payment structure and a lot of the time they are more expensive and take longer to complete their reports. Pali is the solution to all these problems with one website where all conveyancing searches can be ordered and invoiced. This saves the solicitor a lot of time and effort.

The Pali website acts as an online ordering system so our clients can log in and place their orders. It is extremely sophisticated and user-friendly and only takes a matter of minutes to place an order. There are literally dozens of benefits that come with using the Pali online system and we have many benefits over other search companies too which will be discussed over the phone or at a meeting. 

Pali also offer Energy Performance Certificates which members of the public need to obtain in order to market their house for sale or rent. Therefore when it comes to that aspect, Pali will deal with the public and Estate Agents but selling searches to solicitors is our main business. 

One way that Pali stay ahead of the competition is that we offer their clients (solicitors) free conveyancing leads. This is an excellent marketing tool and they only receive this service by ordering regular searches from Pali. This works because we have a button on our homepage of the Pali website which allows members of the public to apply for a conveyancing quote. The clients who have this facility activated are alerted and the first four to click on the link in the auto email they are sent, get to send their quote direct to the member of the public.

Pali also drives traffic to the web page via SEO Blogs, Google Adwords, and Social Media Platforms.

The Opportunity

The Pali opportunity is essentially a hands-on ‘White Collar’ Franchise. It is the Franchisee’s role to acquire the business and develop it in such a way that your clients will always look to Pali as the preferred provider of property search services.

The Pali Service

Every property transaction in England and Wales involves a series of conveyancing searches. Most commonly, a Local Authority Search is carried out by Solicitors and Conveyancers acting on behalf of clients who are purchasing or selling a property. The information is obtained from the Local Authority within which the property is situated.

Local Authorities have a specific statutory obligation under the Local Land Charges Acts and Rules to provide the results of a search of the Local and Land Charges Register, which constitutes a record of relevant information on legal and financial restrictions, notices and charges against the property held by the Local Authority. It consists of legal, financial, planning, drainage, building control and environmental health information relevant to a property.

The usual method for submission and response employed by Solicitors and Conveyancers is by post, a process which may take up to 8 weeks to complete. There is also a provision for personal attendance which is utilised by Pali and allows for a much more efficient service. Pali have developed a system which allows our franchisees to personally access the relevant information, complete the search and present the results for Solicitors whose clients appreciate the quality and speed of the service that we deliver. Increasingly the information required to compile a local search can be accessed online and this will increase as local authorities utilise the internet to display information. Eventually it should be possible to compile a local search from your office.

In addition to Local Authority Searches, Pali offers a full suite of additional searches which are increasingly requested by property buyers. These include Environmental, Flood, Drainage, Mining, Anti-money laundering and company reports.

Pali's service is further enhanced through the use of unique bespoke software systems which have been designed to streamline the search process and produce an efficient and well-presented report.

Who Pali are looking for - Are you the right person?

Please consider your own aptitudes: a franchise business is a two-way relationship.

Pali will provide help and training in all aspects of the operation. However, we are entrusting that our good name and believe investing time and energy in our businesses will promote opportunities so we want to get it right.

Pali have a clear idea of the sort of person best suited to their franchise opportunity and we are prepared to take the trouble to find him or her. In layman’s terms, we need someone who is:
  • determined;
  • hard working;
  • good with people;
  • enthusiastic;
  • self-motivated.
  • computer literate.
And who also has:
  • high energy levels;
  • integrity;
  • initiative;
  • persuasiveness.


Franchise Agreement 5 year term, renewable for a further 5 years at no additional cost

Financing your Business

The Pali Franchise is a proven business format with Head Office support. As such, your bank is likely to look upon an application for financial assistance more favorably than if you were seeking to set up a similar type of business on your own. The Franchise Departments of all the major banks will be familiar with the Pali opportunity.

Training & Support  - Training and Opening Support

Pali have structured a comprehensive training programme covering every aspect of the business, designed to fast-track you through all the operating procedures. It will be provided by members of the management team with real first-hand experience of running the business plus specialist guest trainers.

The course material is based upon the Pali Operations Manual, an extensive handbook detailing their business practices and formula for success. This Manual is on loan to the Franchisee for the duration of the trading licence.

Ongoing Support

As part of our planned ongoing development, we will be providing professional support to help you further your business aims and objectives, in addition to developing the business as a whole.

As a Pali Franchisee, you will receive:
  • Updates to the Franchise Operations Manual as may be necessary.
  • The provision of a professional and well structured ongoing training programme.
  • The facility of a ‘help-line’ for advice on all aspects of the complete business method.
  • Support in order to provide an opportunity for review, analysis, advice and guidance.
  • Communications to ensure the business progresses with mutual understanding on all points.
  • Testing of new methods through the company-owned operations will convey to Franchisees new and fresh ideas that have been proven to work in practice.
  • The commitment to maintaining and further developing the corporate image.
  • Regular meetings that will bring Franchisees together to exchange ideas and further business development.
  • Marketing and advertising support.

Ongoing Marketing

Pali will also develop with you an ongoing marketing plan for your use at local level, and provide further support at national and regional level through the use of the National Marketing Fund.

What you get - The Franchise Package

  • Franchise Licence: The Licence permits you to trade under the name and style of Pali.
  • Operations Manual: It is on loan to the Franchisee during the period of the agreement, during which time it will be subjected to many updates. It is the responsibility of the Franchisee to ensure that these updates are inserted in the Manual and those pages that have been superseded are destroyed.
  • Training & Opening Support: Operations and business training will be provided at Head Office for up to two people over five working days. The full breakdown of training is explained in the Franchise Information Memorandum (available following a meeting). The Franchise Manager may spend up to 5 days during the first six months with the Franchisee in their territory, supporting the launch, ensuring that all systems are operational. 
  • Launch Advertising, Promotion & PR: In order to maximise local awareness of the opening of the new branch of All Trades, a package has been developed, including local advertising and PR. A stock of promotional materials, brochures and leaflets anticipated to be necessary for the first six months of trading.
  • Business Stationery: A pack containing sufficient supplies of letterheads, compliment slips, continuation slips and business cards anticipated to be necessary to operate the business for six months, personalised with the franchisee’s own details.
  • Software License: Allows the franchisee the use of the companies internet based bespoke search software whilst operating as a franchisee.
  • Legal Costs: A contribution towards the Franchisors’ costs of preparing and entering into the Franchise Agreement.

Advantages of becoming a Pali franchisee

  • Through a Pali Franchise it is possible to run your own small business yet share in many of the advantages and economies available to a larger company.
  • At the outset, the Pali Franchisee may lack certain skills or specialist knowledge in running the business. However, the initial training programme compensates for areas of relative inexperience. Further training (at the Franchisees own expense), advice and guidance will also be provided on an ongoing basis.
  • The Franchisor has spent a considerable amount of time and effort refining the Pali processes. The benefit of this experience is available to Franchisees.
  • Once they are instituted Franchisees will benefit from national and regional advertising campaigns, which will be run when appropriate. In addition, professional marketing assistance, at the Franchisees own cost, is available to Pali Franchisees to help run their own high quality, lead-generating local advertising campaigns.
  • Where appropriate, new services will be made available throughout the Pali Franchise network.
  • Recent DTI figures suggest that 20% of all new business start-ups fail within their first year and 50% fail within the first three years. The statistics for Franchises are much more comforting. The BFA/NatWest United Kingdom Franchise Survey 2004 found that only 1.4% of Franchisees suffered commercial failure in 2003.
  • Every entrepreneur makes mistakes in the early years of a new business. Some mistakes are trivial – some can be fatal to the business. However, many are avoidable. The advantage of a Pali Franchise is that the potential big mistakes have already been ironed out of the system. By following our business methodology these mistakes can be avoided, thus increasing the likelihood that your Franchise business will succeed.
  • The Franchise Departments of most large clearing banks have already looked at the Pali Franchise format. Since the banks are already familiar with the concept, your finance application ought to take less time for approval.

If you are interested in becoming a Pali Franchise owner or would like some further information please click the send interest button below and we will be in contact shortly