Get 40-50% of our Profit. Posterini ( is a marketing platform that allows users to quickly design digital posters/flyers to advertise, promote and announce their products, services, events, news or themselves. Posterini is fully online, requires no installation and it´s an all in one solution for your digital marketing needs.
it can be used from a desktop, a laptop or a tablet. It combines a great interface, useful templates, montage capabilities and even remote collaboration and ideation in its most advanced modules.

Product Detail
Posterini has a free account but it´s very limited. Users pay in Posterini to use the premium features of Posterini´s interface, producing posters/flyers with top quality, size and using all the features of the interface. Users can pay for a single day, week or month of use without subscription, or pay a cheaper monthly subscription.

Affiliate / Reseller opportunity
Earn money with Posterini
a) When users arrive to Posterini through your affiliate link and then buy one of our packages
b) or When users activate a discount Promo Code assigned to you

We offer very generous commission percentages (between 40 - 50%) and a real time control panel where you can follow any sales completed with your code. Earnings are transferred to you via Paypal once they go above a threshold.
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Type of Resellers we are looking for
We are looking for resellers that like marketing, business and design. Posterini is helping thousands around the world promote their products, services, news, events and themselves. If you are enthusiastic about helping others in that way, you could be a great Posterini reseller.

Geographical location
We are interested in resellers worldwide.

What´s next
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