Our Outback Organics scrub contains only natural Jojoba beads

Tuesday 12 December 2017 News Outback Organics

Michael Gove today signals a crackdown on the plastic polluting our oceans as he pushes to introduce a law banning ‘toxic’ microbeads.The Environment Secretary is laying out legislation before Parliament to try to outlaw the tiny pieces of plastic used in cosmetics and face scrubs.Millions of microbeads wash into our rivers and seas every day and are eaten by fish, sea birds and crabs – even ending up in the seafood we eat.If there are no objections from MPs, a ban on their manufacture will come...

Waxing harms the skin? False!

Wednesday 29 November 2017 News Outback Organics

Beauty myth! While waxing may cause some minor side effects such as inflammation and the dreaded ‘plucked chicken look’, these will disappear within hours. Waxing does not cause long-term damage to the skin - it even exfoliates and benefits the top layer of skin. There are lots of pre and post care products that can be used to soothe and cool the skin following hair removal.

A Guide to Waxing in Winter

Thursday 23 November 2017 News Outback Organics

The days are getting darker, the weather colder and the hair on our legs seemingly longer. Lots of us seem to make the mistake of thinking that waxing is only necessary during the summer months when we’re sunning ourselves on beaches and baring our legs on a daily basis. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth - waxing in the winter is in some ways more beneficial for your skin than in the summer. Here at Outback Organics, we’re revealing the reasons why waxing isn't just seasonal ...

Top 14 uses for Tea Tree Oil

Thursday 23 November 2017 News Outback Organics

Tea tree has been recognised for its disinfecting and healing properties for more than 80 years but the indigenous people of New South Wales had known about it for centuries beforehand. Australian Aborigines treated cuts, burns, and wounds with it and they would even chew on tea tree leaves to alleviate colds and respiratory disorders. Today, tea tree is used to aid and treat all kind of health problems and it is often added to home remedies to kill viruses, fungi and bacteria. Here are 14 uses ...

D-Tangle Plus: Just arrived!

Tuesday 21 November 2017 News Laidback Life Ltd

D-Tangle Plus has just arrived and we couldn't be more excited!! A lifestyle video will soon be available for everyone to see. For more information on orders please contact me at;

Outback Organics Reviewed by The CSI Girls

Friday 17 November 2017 News Outback Organics

Found this little gem online and couldn't believe we hadn't seen it before. Here we have a lovely little piece reviewing our Outback Organics Skin Wash, Botanical Body Oil and Face and Body Scrub. Enjoy!

6 Brazilian Waxing Tips For Your First Salon Trip

Friday 17 November 2017 News Outback Organics

 If you have booked your first Brazilian bikini wax, then you will know that it differs from the traditional bikini wax in that all hair is removed (front, back and in between). The idea of a Brazilian wax may still seem a little daunting; however, you have already overcome the biggest hurdle in deciding to get one. Here are some Brazilian bikini waxing tips to make the experience and after-effects as comfortable as possible.Be CleanIf you can, shower before your appointment using the...

New product launch: D-TANGLE PLUS

Monday 13 November 2017 News Laidback Life Ltd

It has been 11 months since the official launch of D-Tangle in retail & online stores and we couldn't be happier to introduce our new product: D-Tangle Plus. D-Tangle Plus is the bigger brother of D-Tangle which fits bigger cables like cable chargers and USB's. You can find a picture of D-Tangle Plus in our website: and more info will be coming soon in our website's tab 'D-Tangle Plus' 

Trade Fairs for 2017/18

Monday 06 November 2017 News Alexander Thurlow & Co

Alexander Thurlow are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our latest fashion jewellery collections at the following trade fairs this season:Top Drawer London 13-16th Jan 2018 Stand 265 Scotland Gift Fair 21-23rd Jan 2018 Stand K50 Spring Fair NEC 4 - 8th Feb 2018 Harrogate Home & Gift 15-18th July Stand C24 Autumn Fair NEC 2-5th Sept Stand Hall 4 H31If you are attending any of these events we would love to meet you there so do come along to say hello and check out our latest ...

New Collection!

Monday 06 November 2017 News TWOTONE

Twotone are pleased to announce our ALL NEW Winter 2017/18 Collection which is available now! To view the new products from our latest collection please see the products tab on our profile. If you are interested stocking our products please Send Interest to contact us today.

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