Gembird Launch Flightstick 3D

Wednesday 15 January 2014 News Gembird

"I feel the need - the need for speed' is what Maverick (Tom Cruise) said in Top Gun. The 1986 blockbuster is coming back to cinemas and now in 3D. Relive this fantastic movie with our 3D Flight Stick and fly your own MiG or other favorite plane.

The Reseller Network Past & Future

Friday 10 January 2014 News The Reseller Network

Since The Reseller Network launched in 2010 we have enjoyed consistent global growth. Our accelerated growth and success to date can largely be accredited to our unique propostion, continued web development and an enthusiastic team who are passionate about helping businesses grow.2013 was an incredible year for The Reseller Network and by far our best year so far. Not only did we release a major update that included several significant new features, we also saw a 300% increase in visits, reg...

Unlimited Earning Potential All Under One Umbrella

Wednesday 08 January 2014 News Monk Marketing Franchising Ltd

The Monk Marketing brand is proving to be a major hit because it is designed purely with the needs of our customer base in mind. We are launching New Franchise Opportunities for 2014.Our superb new Catalogue is the biggest yet! The Monk Marketing franchise is quite unique and by working from home in flexible hours you have the potential to establish a great business with a number of key benefits:    •    Minimal overheads    •    Good profi...

New software releases from Mindscape

Tuesday 07 January 2014 News Mindscape Software Australia

Acronis True Image 2014 - #1 Selling Windows Image Backup SoftwareAcronis True Image 2014 is the ultimate solution for data protection.  Protect everything on your PC, inlcuding all your data, with full disk imaging, incremental backups, flexible file recovery, 5GB of FREE cloud storage and lots more.Perfect Disk Imaging – every bit of information can be restored to its exact location in minutes without having to re-install any software.Set & Forget™ – offers pra...


Tuesday 07 January 2014 News VICRI Porto

VICRI ( part of our expansion plan, VICRI is currently looking for agents for the English marketCommercial Menswear Fashion agents with experience in the target market, a wide portfolio of clients will be appreciated.Package:Attractive commissionsExclusive market.

The Have’s And Have Not’s: Best Practice CRM Use In IT Channels

Tuesday 07 January 2014 News Workbooks

For any organization that resells products or services, it’s important to maximize your gross margins and ensure cash flow is healthy. At the same time, you want to deliver the highest quality service possible to your customers at the lowest cost to your business, while differentiating your company in a positive manner.Customer relationship management (CRM) done right can transform your performance and play a vital role in successful and profitable revenue generation. However, CRM has acquired a...

Get to know Glitter Leo's - Gymnastics and Dance Leotards

Thursday 02 January 2014 News Glitter Leo's

Glitter Leo's is a rising star in the sportswear community. We offer a beautiful array of leotards and have incredibly competitive wholesale pricing available to resellers and retailers worldwide. Visit our website to learn more and to see more of our stunning leotards. Most applications for wholesale access are processed same day! 

Why do children struggle to learn to read?

Tuesday 17 December 2013 News I Can Read System

Why do children struggle to learn to read?She’s learning to read. But how did she read the word “once”? How did she read the word “time”? You can’t “sound out” these words.She has learnt “once” as a sight word. She has learnt “time” because she knows the “e on the end of a word” rule that applies some of the time to indicate that the previous vowel is a long vowel. Not always, though: “love”, “have”.How was she able to read “Once upon a time…” She can read these words because a reading...

Introducing Bed of Nails

Wednesday 08 January 2014 News Bed of Nails

                                                  Business Description & Vision Mission Statement: Bed of Nails brings the ancient healing technique of acupressure to the mass market, helping people to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle amidst the...

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