Using SMS Alerts in the Workplace

Monday 26 December 2016 News DESKALERTS

One of the best ways to communicate with your staff members is through text messaging. This is because the majority of employees have their phones on them at all times, and they are more likely to respond to text messages over email.Here are some of the ways companies can utilize text messaging in the workplace in order to ensure that communication is efficient and immediate:1. Sending reminders regarding meetings.A lot of things go on throughout the work week that important things such as meeti...

Tips for Effective Peer-to-Peer Communication at Work

Thursday 22 December 2016 News DESKALERTS

While having a good relationship with your staff members is important, equally vital is their relationship with each other. Majority of the time, staff members communicate, interact and work with each other. Much of the working day relies on positive communication in the workplace as well as a positive working relationship between fellow workers. Remember to communicate with your employees the importance of peer-to-peer communication in the workplace, and provide them opportunities to develop an...

New Collection Out Now!

Monday 05 December 2016 News Miss Truth

Miss Truth are pleased to let you know that we have a new collection with lots of new products available now! Below we have picked a few featured products to share with you. You can view the rest of the collection and find hundreds more products on Miss Truth's Merchant Profile.BODY CON NET PENCIL SKIRT - Click Here to VIEW Net Unit Price : £5.50 ...

Underlines Magazine 1st Woman Swimwear Launch

Tuesday 12 January 2016 News 1st Man 1st Woman WOMAN SWIMWEARDecember 1, 2016TwiggyOrchidBritish brand 1st Man – 1st Woman launches its first women’s swimwear collection offering two non-wired swimsuit styles with contouring properties. The styles are Twiggy, made in a black scuba fabric with hip cut outs and inspired by 1960’s Mod culture, and Orchid, with a digital floral print designed in-house. Featuring an inner front layer of fabric which provides great hold, sto...

Important information - Formation v4.1 software release

Friday 02 December 2016 News Stroma Software

Our software development team will be releasing Formation Software (v4.1) on Monday 5 December. The release of version 4.1 introduces the new Formation DocGen module which improves Formation's ability to seamlessly integrate into your existing IT systems and business processes. Formation DocGen allows you to fully automate the generation of output documents in a PDF or Word format. Documents can now be automatically produced and exported, either: Directly to a SFTP or FTP serv...

Skip the paper and capture information instantly with electronic forms software

Friday 25 November 2016 News Stroma Software

Paper forms significantly impact the profitability of your organisation. They are costly to print, slow to fill out and once returned, can be incomplete and hard to read. The result: information is inaccurate and processes are delayed. Electronic forms eliminate paper problems associated with paper forms and expedite business processes, for your staff and customers. All your forms can be: Available through the Formation mobile application for completion by OnBase usersAutomatically val...

Formation Software Integration with DocuWare

Tuesday 22 November 2016 News Stroma Software

We have recently demo’d our New Mobile Data Capture Software, Formation to Xerox, Sharp, Brother, Docuware Partners (to name but a few) who have said it is head and shoulders above the competition. Formation allows you to capture data (text, photos, images videos, voice recordings, barcodes, and signatures) directly into a digital form that will have been specifically developed to service a particular need. It also produces a bespoke output e.g. PDF that contains all the information that ...

Approach Franchising with Confidence

Monday 14 November 2016 News CNA International

On the 3rd of November Gavin Chase Franchise Development Partner was invited by British Franchise Association to give his view from a franchisor perspective on what a franchisor is looking for in franchisees and why he believes franchising is a good option?CNA International has been offering franchises to people for 20 years and from their experience one of the most important questions that everyone who wants to cross this path should be asking is, “do I understand what I am offering as a f...

Greece Launch Nov 5 2016

Monday 07 November 2016 News Laidback Life Ltd

We are over the top exchited to announce that our official launch happened in Athens, Greece on November 5, 2017. Already started selling units and satisfied customers started posting their D-Tangle experience! We couldn't be happier that our time and effort started pay out! And this is just the beginning! Next country - Cyprus on the 10th of November! Whoop whoop! :)

4th November is World Paper Free day

Wednesday 02 November 2016 News Stroma Software

World Paper Free Day is an annual campaign launched by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) that aims to reduce the amount of paper generated by people in their everyday work and personal life.AIIM are a non-profit organisation that sets standards, initiates market research and provides education and certification for information professionals. It launched World Paper Free Day to raise awareness of the huge amount of paper that is used unnecessarily with the aim of promoti...

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